Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Facts

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Facts

When parents require a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they are either getting divorced or separated. If there are children from the relationship. Whether they are legally married or not. Children have rights to be protected.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Regardless of where the child lives. And how much access either parent gets. Child support needs to be paid. By law, child support is the mechanism. That both parents can prove their can tripping. To their child’s upbringing.

While many people believe. That child support needs to be paid. When one parent has the child more often than the other. And to the parents that has the child less often. Pays child support.

This is accurate, and whether people are utilizing the family Law act of Alberta. Or the divorce act of Alberta. This is how child support payments are calculated. Under section 3 of both of the acts.

This is to offset the cost of the necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter. However, when parents share access equally. Which is more often the case now than ever before. With both parents having.

Approximately 50% access to the child. Not only is this considered best for the child by the courts. But many parents mistakenly think that in this circumstance. Child support does not need to be paid at all.

This is incorrect, and under section 9 of both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. The set off child support. Is the calculation of child support. If parents share access equally.

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How it is paid, is by looking at both parents income. According to line 150 of the notice of assessment. The parent who earns more money. Will have the lower income earners wage. Subtracted from their own.

In the amount that is left over. Is the amount that the courts use. To take a percentage off of. For child support payments. If both parents can understand. That child support needs to get paid no matter what.

They will both be able to ensure that they are caring for their child. According to the letter of the law. Something else that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to understand. Is that child support is the right of the child.

Which means if parents do not see their child. Whether it is their choice or not. They are going to be required to pay child support. The reason why, is because child support is how the court system.

Can ensure both parents are caring for their child. And if a parent does not want to see the child. That does not negate the responsibility to them. And if one parent refuses access to the other.

There divorce lawyer Edmonton should get involved. And have it dealt with appropriately. Through the court system, rather than trying to punish them. By withholding child sport.

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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Facts To Know

If people are divorcing and have children, they should find a great divorce lawyer Edmonton. To help them navigate the sometimes tumultuous world of divorce and separation.

But also, especially if there are children involved. Both parents need to clearly understand. Not only their rights under the law. But the rights of their child under the law, and what child support is about.

Some parents believe that child support can be voluntary. For example, if they both decide. That they do not need the money. They are not allowed. To say child support does not need to be paid.

Child support is the right of the child. To have both parents. Contribute to their life says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, neither parent can waive the unalienable right of the child.

Child support must be paid even if parents do not see their child. In some unfortunate circumstances. One parent withholds access to the other. And the parent who does not see the child.

Thinks that since they are not seeing the child. They do not have to pay child support any longer. Or, the one parent has withheld access. To punish the other one. And so, they retaliates by withholding child support.

All parents should avoid this scenario says divorce lawyer. Because not only is it unfair for the life that they brought into this world together. But it is going to land both parents in legal trouble.

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If a parent withholds access. The best thing to do. Would be to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court to inform them. That they are not getting the access that they deserve.

The judge in the court system will deal with this. And if the parent is withholding access of for no good reason. They will be the one who gets into legal trouble. And it can be rectified appropriately.

If the parent withholds child support. Then they can be the ones to end up in legal trouble. Therefore, no parent should put their child. In the terrible position of being in the middle.

Some other facts about child support that divorce lawyer Edmonton thinks all parents should know include. Child support does not necessarily end. When the child is eighteen years old.

There are several situations where child support. Needs to continue to be paid. If they are over eighteen. Outlined in both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. If a child is enrolled.

In a post secondary education institution. Such as a University, a college or trade school. They may still be entitled to receive. Child support payments, up until they are twenty-five years of age.

As well, if a child is economically dependent on one parent. Or, if they have a physical or mental disability. They may be entitled to receive child support indefinitely.

In order for both parents to act accordingly. They should always hire a divorce lawyer to help them understand child support laws. So that they can appropriately care for the life they brought into the world together.