Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Details


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Details

Child support is a requirement says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And a parent cannot alter. Or stop paying it, for any reason. Even though in most cases.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is paid without problem. And parents can it on with their life. Coparenting their child together from a distance. However, in some situations. Parents are not doing the appropriate thing.

Either because they do not know what they should be doing. And in some cases, they are actively trying to get out of. Paying child support. One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should understand.

Is that child support is actually the right of their child to receive. It is simply a legal mechanism to ensure. That both parents are contributing to the life. That they both created together.

Therefore, it is never appropriate. For parent to simply stop paying child support. They cannot actively give up any of their child’s rights. Therefore, even if parents agree together. That child support is not needed.

The court still requires it to be paid. So they can both prove that they are acting. In accordance with the law. And upholding their child’s rights. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

Such as a parent who mistakenly believes. That if the parent who is collecting child support. Is on social assistance, that they can stop making child support payments. Until they are no longer on social assistance.

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This is not true says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The obligation to care for the life of the child. Does not and, because the other parent needs help. However, how child support is to be paid does change.

The parent who pays child support. Will pay it directly to a government agency. Who receives that money in trust on behalf of the parents. The parent will not receive child support directly while they are on social assistance.

This could be the reason why some parents believe in this misconception. However, when parents understand. That child support needs to be paid no matter what. Fewer mistakes will be made.

Another misconception is that child support is only for. The necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. And that it is not used to pay. Other expenses such as daycare, childcare or extracurricular activities.

This is also incorrect. In both the family Law act of Alberta. As well as the divorce act of Alberta. Section 7 outlines. The expenses that parents will pay child support towards. That includes daycare or extracurricular activities.

No parent will be required to pay. More than they can afford. And both parents must contribute to this amount of child support. Therefore, if one parent utilizes their divorce lawyer to get this child support payment.

They must also contribute their own funds. As long as they can afford it. When parents understand child support and child support payments. Fewer mistakes will be made, triggering fewer problems with the court.

When parents would like help navigating the legal system. They can hire a great divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as the experts at eLaw alliance. Call for your consultation today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Child Support Details For All

Child support is a requirement in Alberta says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And understanding how to navigate the system. Will help parents do the right thing. And avoid making costly mistakes.

Child support is a requirement. Because it is the legal mechanism created. To ensure both parents are caring for and supporting. The life that they created together. It is actually considered the right of the child.

To have both parents contribute to their life. And there will be legal repercussions. If parents do not uphold this right to the child. And their obligations to provide for the life that they created together.

Many parents mistakenly believe. If one parent withholds access. That the other parent will be able to withhold child support. As well as the other way around. If one parent withholds child support, access can also be denied.

This is patently untrue. And both issues are dealt with separately. It is also important to understand. That the court sees the issue very differently. Then many parents see the issue.

For example, the court feels that the child. Having as much access as possible. Both parents being in the best interest of the child. As well, the court will defend the amount of child support to be paid at all costs.

Therefore, if a parent withholds access. Or withholds child support, they can end up in legal trouble. To avoid this, parents can hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Who can help them understand the law and do the right thing.

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If a parent does stop paying child support. It can trigger what is called the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an agency within the province whose sole purpose. Is to enforce delinquent child support orders.

They have significant authority. In order to be able to enforce these orders. They can threaten and follow through on a wide variety of threats including suspending drivers licenses.

Confiscating people’s passports, garnishing their wages and seizing their assets. They may have these things removed until they pay not only child support. But all of the retroactive child support that they owed from not paying for so long.

And in some cases, they may have to reapply. To get the things that were taken from them. Even if a person has not paid child support for years says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can be legally on the hook to pay child support.

As far back as it was. Since they first stopped paying. If a parent finds themselves. Completely unable to pay child support. Either because they lost a job. But a job that pays them less.

Or if they are going through some specific hardship. They can utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton to inform the court. And have child support payments temporarily reduced.

Or stopped for a few months. Until there situation has changed. As long as they agree to pay what they owe, once their circumstances are rectified. Call eLaw alliance for a consultation today!