Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Imperative Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Imperative Child Support Details

Whether people are divorcing, or separating, hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the best things that they do. In order to understand child support laws. And how it pertains to their situation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Even if they have never been legally married. If they are breaking up. And going their own separate ways, and they have children. They will need to pay and understand. Child support laws.

Child support is considered to be. The right of the child to have both parents. Contribute financially to the necessities of life. And to their upbringing. And therefore it is the legal mechanism to ensure both parents are doing so.

Child support is considered an absolute right of the child. And that is why parents cannot negotiate. Or agree the child or. That it is not something that needs to happen. In some instances, a parent who has to pay child support.

Is experiencing financial hardship. And the other parent, does not need the money. In order to make ends meet. And so they might say that they do not need to receive child support payments.

As well-intentioned as that might be as divorce lawyer Edmonton. Legally, it is not allowed. Because no person can override the rights of another person. Even if that person is a minor.

And even if that person is that minors parents. Therefore, it is not something that parents can negotiate away. As well, it is something that parents need to understand. That even if they do not see their child.

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Whether it is their choice or not. Child support still needs to be paid. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says some parents will relinquish their parental rights. In hopes that they will not have to pay child support.

But there are very few instances ever. Where a parent does not have to pay child support. Even if they do not have parental rights anymore. Therefore, parents who still love and see their child, even not as often as they would like.

Are still going to be required to pay child support. It is also mutually exclusive access. However, divorce lawyer says the court system will also defend the child’s right. To see both parents as much as possible.

If one parent decides to withhold access. Or withhold child support, they can get into significant legal trouble. If they decide to withhold one because the other parent is withholding the other.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it will be a situation. Of two wrongs not making a right. With both parents ending up in trouble with the law. Because they are both acting in defiance of it.

Therefore, parents should ensure access. As well as child support is paid on time. And in the full amount at all times. However, if a parent is going through financial hardships. They should talk to the court.

Or apply with their divorce lawyer such as the experts. At eLaw Alliance in order to ask for a reduced amount. And provide documentation in order to support that. Because child support is not considered a penalty. The courts are willing to work. Whoever is communicative with them.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Imperative Child Support Details

When people higher a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they are getting a divorce, or separating with children. They will learn a lot about child support laws. In the province of Alberta.

The laws are different across all of the provinces. And parents can read the Alberta laws for free. By searching the family Law act of Alberta. Or the divorce act Alberta.

It is very important that both parents understand. That paying child support. And allowing access to each other. Is one of the most important rights. That the child has, and it is protected by the court.

There are a lot of misconceptions about child support. And understanding these misconceptions. Can help both parents avoid getting into legal trouble. For example, a common misconception.

Is that if parents are sharing access equally. Then no parent is required to pay child support. It may seem to make sense to people. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Child support will always be a requirement.

It simply gets calculated slightly differently. When parents share access. For example, when parents do not share access. The parent who sees the child less. Will be the one who pays child support.

They will pay a percentage of their income. As what was written on line 150. Of their notice of assessment. On the last taxes that they filed the government. They will pay a percentage for each child.

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However, when people share access equally. It is not calculated the same way. The court will look at the income of both parents. And the one who makes more money. Be the one who pays child support.

In the amount of child support that they pay. Will be directly related. To the difference in income between the two parents. The court will assess a percentage per child on the difference in income between the two.

Another misconception about child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that child support is only paid for the necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter however this is not correct as well.

Parents can also apply for called section 7 child support. Which covers things like extracurricular activities. It could be a sports team. It could be lessons of some type. Or could even be related to child care or daycare expenses.

When parents apply with their divorce lawyer Edmonton to the court. In order to have section 7 expenses paid for. Parents will have their income assessed. And percentage of their income towards those expenses.

The percentage will be based on how much the parent can afford. And if they cannot afford it. They will not have to pay. Sooner parents can understand the truths and myths about child support. The better it will be for everybody.

If parents would like to hire experts. Such as the divorce lawyers at eLaw Alliance. They can call anytime to arrange a free consultation. In order to find out more information on how to move forward.