Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | How Is Child Support Calculated

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | How Is Child Support Calculated

Nobody enters into a relationship or marriage thinking they will divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, this is the case. For approximately 50% of people in Alberta in a relationship.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, how they navigate their divorce. Or their separation, will change. If they have children from the relationship. When there are no children, people can literally. Go their separate ways and never speak again.

But when parents and their relationship. They still must be in regular contact. For access, child support payments. And a variety of other things. As well as going to court, to sort things out.

One of the first things. That both parents must do. When their relationship ends. And there are children involved. Is disclose their financial information. Not just to each other. But to the courts as well.

They will typically receive a letter in the mail. With the words notice to disclose. Or, request for financial documents. This is a letter from the courts. Asking for financial information.

And it is in fact, required by law. For parents to submit these documents. The reason why, is because these are the documents. That will help the judge calculate. Who pays child support, and how much.

Unfortunately, many parents. Who do not want to pay child support. Often end up thinking. That if they simply fail to disclose. They will be off the hook. For paying child support.

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Unfortunately, that is not going to work for them. And instead, it will cause both parents. To be summoned to court. Where a judge, will make a decision. On who pays child support.

And how much child support they have to pay. The judge will be able to make. Any decision they want. Based on any number of factors that they choose. Such as looking at the parents career says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And figuring out an average amount. Of income that people in the same career make. And more often than not. They often ask the other parent. How much money, the spouse that is withholding information.

Makes each year. More than usual, the parent. Will end up guessing more money. Then that parent actually makes. With the end result being. The parent being assessed. For more money to pay.

Than they would have, if they simply. Disclose their financial information. When the court requested that from the beginning. Therefore, parents should keep in mind. There is no way to game the system.

And if they have a child. They will and up financially supporting it. Even if they do not see the child. Whether it is their choice, or not. And while the rights of the child. Is to see both parents.

If one parent is withholding visitation or access. That is something that needs to go through the courts. And is not a reason, for parent to stop paying child support. If they have questions about this.

Or if they need a divorce lawyer Edmonton to help them. Make an application within the courts. They can contact the Law alliance. For consultation, and for help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning How Child Support Gets Calculated

Child support is an important part of a marital breakdown says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because it is the way the courts. Can ensure, both parents. Remain financially supportive. Of the life that they created together.

Therefore, there are no circumstances. That will excuse one parent. From paying child support to another. Which means, both parents should simply get used to. The idea of paying child support.

And while it is mandatory to pay. The court system does not look at child support. As a punitive measure. That is to say, it is not a punishment. And it is also not designed to be financially burdensome.

That is why, both parties are expected. To disclose their financial information. So that the courts. Can calculate who should pay child support. And, how much. Based on a percentage of their total income.

However, if a parents financial circumstances change. They inevitably should also keep the courts informed. Because if they make less money. They can therefore reduce their child support payments.

As well, if one parent. Ends up making more money. Who pays child support. And who receives child support. A very will change. Especially if they have shared access of the children.

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This is why, it is in everyone’s best interest. To continue to share financial information. On a yearly basis, which is typically. What is mandated, by the courts. However, some parents may have questions about this.

Such as, they are the ones. Who have been mandated to pay child support. Which they have no problem with. Unfortunately, they do not have consistent income. From one month to the next.

For example, they are in the service industry. And earn most of their income. From the tips of customers. And in some months, they earn a lot of money.

And in other months, they do not. As well, people that are working. In a commission sales industry. Such as a car salesman. Or a realtor, may end up. With wildly fluctuating income from month-to-month.

In this circumstances. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says. They can apply for a program in Alberta. Where they disclose their monthly financial information. In order to have the amount that they owe.

Calculated every month. This way, the other parent. Cannot get upset. When the amount they receive changes. Because they know, it fluctuates. Based on what the parent is actually bringing in.

If a parent loses their job. They should also make an application. With their divorce lawyer Edmonton within the courts. To see if they can delay payment. While they look for a job. And if this is the case.

They are allowed to delay payment. They needs to understand. That when they get a new job. They are still going to be required. To pay all of the child support. That they did not pay. While they were unemployed. To help navigate this sometimes complex issue. Parents can call e Law alliance today.