Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | How Child Welfare is Protected


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | How Child Welfare is Protected

Each province in Canada is allowed to choose their own laws when it comes to protecting children according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And in Alberta, the act that governs all of the laws that protect children. Is called the child youth family and enhancement act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

This entire act can be found online for free. So that anyone who has any questions about child welfare, or the laws governing it. Can find the answers to their questions for free.

One of the first things that people need to take into consideration. Is that while the act that governs child welfare will refer to child and family services. This actually is an umbrella term. That is made up of all of the various government agencies throughout the province. That handle matters.

For example, there might be different government agencies in a rural environment. Then there would in Edmonton or Calgary for example.

However, when reference to child and family services is made. This simply means any of the government agencies in the area. That are tasked with handling matters concerning child welfare.

What this act also says. Is that any child who is in need of intervention. That is there is reasonable or probable grounds to believe that the child’s safety, security or development is in danger.

This means whoever witnesses a child who is in need of intervention. Is actually legally obligated to report the situation to child and family services. To not report this child.

Means to put a person’s self at risk. Of being found guilty of helping perpetuate the abuse. Because they were not willing to draw attention to it.

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Once child and family services have been notified of a child in need of intervention. They will have the ability to investigate the complaint thoroughly.

And if at the conclusion of their investigation agree that the child is in need of intervention. There are several options on what they can do next says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They can create what is called a family enhancement agreement. Which is a document that outlines all of the changes that the child and family services worker leaves will help make the child safe.

And once signed, becomes legally binding document. That parents or guardians must follow. In order to close the case with child and family services.

Or, child and family services may opt for going straight to court. In more serious cases, where they believe that the child is in imminent danger. And cannot wait for the parents or guardians to correct their behaviour.

In this case, they will apply for something through the courts called an apprehension order. That will allow them to seize immediate custody of the child. While they file the appropriate motions in court. On what actions they are going to follow, to protect the child.

If a parent or guardian is presented with an application order. There will be a hearing in order to determine who gets the initial custody. While the parents and child and family services are waiting to go to trial says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

By understanding how serious it can be. If child and family services deems that a child is in need of intervention. Can help people understand what a child in need of intervention is. And what they can do if they see a child who is in need of help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | How Child Welfare is Protected Today

Because children are extremely vulnerable says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Laws typically are written in such a way to protect them. And to empower the people that keep children safe. Have the power to do so.

There are many different government agencies that handle matters relating to child welfare in the province of Alberta. And collectively, they are referred to as child and family services.

These government agencies are called into action. If there is a complaint that a child is in need of intervention. This will allow the workers to investigate and come to a conclusion on whether the child is in need of intervention or not.

If they deem that the child does need help. They can draft up what is called a family enhancement agreement. That can outline the steps parents can take. In order to address concerns that were raised as a result of the complaint.

An example of some of these steps that they can request parents take. Include going to parenting courses. Going to counselling, such as addictions or domestic violence counselling.

They even might request that a parent or guardian gets an assessment done. Such as a psychological assessment, or a parenting assessment.

Once parents or guardians sign this agreement. It becomes legally binding. And parents or guardians must adhere to the conditions of the agreement. Within a timeframe, in order to get the matter considered close by child and family services worker.

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If a parent or guardian does not complete the obligations written in the family enhancement agreement. By the date specified in the agreement says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That can empower child and family services to re-examine the complaint of a child in need of intervention read investigate. To see if the child is still in danger, and needs help.

If however the parent or guardian completes they steps outlined in the agreement. It can also empower the child and family services Department to close the matter. And consider the child safe. So that parents will not have to follow the agreement any longer.

However, signing this agreement is not mandatory. Parents or guardians who are given a family enhancement agreement to sign. Have options themselves.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they can seek out their own independent legal counsel. In either sign if their lawyer says that it is in their best interest. Or, the lawyer can help them draft changes that they proposed the agreement.

Or, the lawyer can advise the parents that they do not have to sign this at all. At which point, the matter would go before a judge. And both sides would get to plead their case. In order to determine the outcome.

Parents and guardians should understand what their rights are when it comes to child welfare. Especially if there has been a complaint against them.

So that they know what they can do. As well as what they have the rights to. In order to help ensure that they are doing the best for their child.