Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Helping Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Helping Children

Most people think that it is the parents job to protect children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, in many cases. Across Alberta, parents are the ones. Who are harming these children.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are many different reasons why a parent or guardian. Would put a child at risk. However, there is a government agency. At the provincial level, tasks. With helping children who are being harmed.

Or being put in harms way by their parents or guardians. The laws that govern the protection of children. In the province of Alberta is known as. The child youth family and enhancement act.

Anyone can read this very substantial act. And all of the laws within it for free. Online, from a nonprofit organization. That not only provides these laws. To read for free online. But also offers free legal advice as well.

The laws governing child welfare in Alberta also state. That anyone who witnesses. A child who is being abused. Or if they have reason to believe. That a child is being abused. For any reason, they are actually.

Legally obligated to report this to the authorities. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the authorities can be. Almost anyone, ideally a provincial organization. Such as a doctor, anyone in a hospital.

But also, the police, the RCMP. Or directly to child and family services. They are not necessarily called child and family services. In all provincial municipalities. They might have many different names.

That they all are tasked. With investigating. And protecting children from abuse. They actually are legally obligated. To investigate any and all claims. Brought to their attention. Therefore, no claim will go on uninvestigated.

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In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says child and family services. Has significant authority. And ability to research. As well as investigate child welfare claims. They can enter into people’s homes.

And take a look around. Looking to see the state and condition of the home. Including where the child sleeps. How clean the home is. And if there is enough food as well.

They also have the power to be able to question. And speak to anyone. That they believe can help them. Get to the bottom of the situation. This includes speaking directly to the child. Of course, doing so in private. And away from the parents.

But also speaking to the parents or guardians directly as well. And speaking to any important witnesses. Such as siblings. And other family members such as grandparents, cousins. As well as aunts and uncles.

They can also speak to teachers, neighbours. And even babysitters. As long as they have reason to believe. They will get additional information. From each of the people they speak to.

Additionally, when they are done there investigation. They are empowered to resolve the situation. In one of two ways. Proposing changes to the parents or guardians. In a legally binding document.

Or, they can take the parents or guardians to court. And have a judge make the final decision. On how to deal with the parents. And what will happen with the child. In conclusion, helping children. Is a noble career for many.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Helping The Child

The government takes child welfare incredibly seriously according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is why there is a substantial act, or statute. In Alberta dealing with child welfare.

The act is called the child youth family and enhancement act. And is designed to protect children. It outlines what a child who may need help looks like. And what type of activities they should be protected from.

In this act, they called a child who needs help. Also, where child who is being abused. As a child who is in need of intervention. There can be several scenarios. That are included in this different mission.

For example, a child who has been abandoned. By their parents or guardians. Whether it is an abandonment for an evening. Such as leaving the child and at home alone. While the parents go out for the night.

Or an abandonment, such as leaving the children. In the care of the babysitter. Again, and then not coming back, when parents said they would. But it can also cover intentional abandonment.

Such as the parents leaving home. With no intentions of ever returning. Leaving the children home alone and uncared for. And while these are very intentional scenarios says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Additionally, this also covers scenarios. Such as if the child runs away from home. Gets lost at the mall. Or gets lost while camping with their parents. Or an unfortunate situation. Where the parents or guardians.

Pass away, leaving the child without a caregiver. Then child and family services. Can step in, and figure out. The best place to bring the child. And who will look after them moving forward.

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However, in some cases. Children need to be protected. From overt abuse. Such as physical injury, sexual abuse. And emotional or mental abuse. This abuse can be perpetrated by the parents or guardians.

Or, the parents or guardians could simply. Not be able or willing. To protect their child from this type of abuse. From someone else. The someone else could be anyone. From there significant other.

Again, two a friend, or even in some situations. Also, the parents or guardians drug dealer. Furthermore, the child youth family and enhancement act. Also covers cruel and unusual punishment.

Again, as many parents still utilize. Corporal punishment with their children. So, and there is a fine line. Between corporal punishment. And cruelty, says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Also, anyone who is being investigated. Also, by child and family services should seek out their rights. From independent, legal counsel. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they offer one hour period of free consultation for people.

So that they can at least understand. What their rights are. As well as what their obligations are as well. If they are investigated. And child and family services believes. Again, they are responsible for harming their child.

They can therefore go to court. And argue the case in front of the judge. In this case, child and family services will also have to decide. Finally, if they believe the parents or guardians should be without the child. While waiting for the court date to occur.