Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Facts About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Facts About Child Support

Child support is a fact of life says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If parents separate or divorce. And there are children from the union. It is actually considered the right of the child to receive.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And according to the courts, child support is simply the legal mechanism. That can ensure both parents are taking responsibility. And caring for the necessities of life for the child. That they both brought into the world.

Because it is considered the right of the child. It is not something that either parents can get out of. Even if they both agree that they do not need it. Or that it does not need to be paid.

Because it is the right of the child, no parent can decide. To waive the rights of their children. And it is also to ensure. That the court and divorce lawyer Edmonton can ensure. Oath parents are positively can tripping to the child’s life.

One of the most common scenarios, or mistakes. That parents make is that neither parent. Can withhold access. Or withhold child support to the other parent. This is often something that happens. When parents are upset at each other.

And they want to penalize their ex spouse. By withholding support. Or withholding access. This is not something that the court system will support. And if one parent is withholding either access or support.

The other parent should take their divorce lawyer Edmonton and go to court. In order to rectify the situation. If they withhold access or support. In retaliation for the other parent doing the same. They will both and up in legal hot water.

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Therefore, both parents can avoid legal drama. By simply adhering to the schedule of child support and access. That they agreed upon when they filed for divorce. Or separation in the first place.

If one parent does withhold one or the other. The other parent should immediately go to court. In order to hold them legally accountable. For their actions, and rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Something else that many parents may not know. Is that you cannot negotiate. To not pay child support even if you decide. To walk away from the child. Or walk away from your rights as a parents.

The court system argues that if people are able to create life. There is very little that one parent can do. That can get them out of taking responsibility for that life. Even if one parent walks away from their child.

There still going to be obligated to care for their necessities of life. As well, parents should avoid trying to leave the country. In order to get out of paying child support payments. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says Canada.

Is a reciprocating jurisdiction with many other countries. Which means legal agreements here. Will be upheld in reciprocating jurisdictions around the world. There are very few places a person could go.

That would get them out of paying child support. Therefore, parents should think very hard. For creating life, if they are willing. To nurture that life, if the unthinkable happens.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Facts About Child Support You Should Know

Child support is the obligation of the parents says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To continue to contribute to the life of the child. That they created together. It is not a payment from one parent to the other.

To pay them for raising the child. But a way that both parents can prove. That they are taking responsibility for their child. Under a strictly legal sense, according to both the Law act of Alberta.

Both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Have sections dedicated to. How and when to pay child support. And all the varying circumstances that parents may find themselves in.

Section 3 expenses outline. The child support for the necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter. This is calculated by taking the parents income. As according to line 150 of the notice of assessment.

And the parent who has access 40% of the time or lasts. Will be the parent who pays child support. They will be assessed a percentage of their income. For each child that they created with their ex-spouse.

This is why one of the first things that must happen. When parents are divorcing or separating. Is figure out exactly where. The child is going to live in the beginning. This does not have to be written in stone.

It can, and is likely going to change. Several times during the child’s life says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It just needs to be figured out. Is that child support can start. Because it is the legal mechanism to ensure.

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Both parents are positively contributing to their child’s life. If both parents are sharing access equally. Which is now one of the most common situations. And, a situation that the court says. Is in the child’s best interest.

Some parents may mistakenly believe. That child support does not need to be paid at this time. That is not accurate. Child support must always be paid. And when parents share access equally.

It simply will be paid. By figuring out the difference between both parents income. The higher income earner will pay. Based on a percentage of the difference between both parents income.

And this is the amount that parents will need to pay. Until one parent has a change of income. Or if the living arrangements of the children change. Then they can take their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And go back to court in order to inform them. Of the changes in the living arrangements. Or of the income, in order to have things modified. To reflect the new changes. It is also important to note.

That because child support is not considered punitive. Any time a parent has a problem. They can go to the court, in order to address it. If they have fallen into a hard time, they can request a reprieve.

Or they can get it permanently reduced. Based on a new wage. By understanding child support, the child can get what they are legally entitled to from both parents says divorce lawyer Edmonton.