Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Welfare Laws

Even though most parents do not want to be investigated by child a family services according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is one of the only ways to ensure that children. Are not being neglected, or abused.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, if parents find themselves being investigated by this organization. One of the best things that they can do, to ensure that their rights are upheld. Is to hire their own divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Many parents may wonder why they need to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton, when they are not divorcing. But the simple fact of the matter is, divorce lawyers deal with child welfare all the time.

Such as figuring out what is in the child’s best interest. When parents are divorcing, to ensure that the child’s rights are repelled. And that the parents uphold their own obligations. To the life that they created together.

There are many ways in which the law says a child. May be in danger, and in need of intervention. From things that are outside of the parents control, such as the child getting lost. Or running away from home.

But also, if the parent or legal guardian passes away. And there is not another parent or guardian. That the child can be placed with. However, the parent who has left the child home alone.

For any amount of time, outside that child’s capability. Is considered abandoned. And also is requiring intervention, in order to ensure the child is safe. However, there are many other circumstances.

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Which the child is outwardly abused, and needs help. Such as emotional abuse, sexual abuse, or physical abuse. Either by the parent or guardian. Or another person, that the parent or guardian does not stop.

Is very important that the parent gets the child and family services involved according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is often, the reason why the parent or guardian does not stop the abuse from happening.

Is because they are being abused themselves. Which can be brought to light, and helped, with the child and family services investigation. It also helps children who are subjected to cruel and unusual punishments.

Either from the parent or guardian. Or again, from someone else. That is the parent or guardian is unable to or unwilling to stop. The child and family services is a government agency, with broad power.

To investigate extremely thoroughly. They can come into the home completely unannounced. Investigate the living area, and even interview. Not just the parents and guardians.

But talk to the child in question alone, and find out what they might be too afraid to say. In front of their parent. As well as third parties that may be relevant. Such as the child’s siblings, aunts, uncles or grandparents.

Even teachers, babysitters and neighbours. If parents find themselves being investigated, they should find a great lawyer. Such as the experts at the Law alliance located in Edmonton.

They will be able to offer free one hour consultation. In order to help the parent figure out what direction they need to go in. To help their child, and protect themselves.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Welfare Laws To Know

In the unfortunate circumstance that a parent is being investigated by child and family services, hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the most than official things. That a parent does, typically once they investigate.

And they determine that yes the child needs help. They can either decide to proceed through the court system. Or, handle matters outside of court. Usually, they try handling it outside of court first.

Because it is often faster to handle the situation this way. Because court cases are extremely backed up. And just getting a matter in front of the judge for the first time. Can take several months, or even over a year.

The child and family services has the authority to propose a written agreement. To the parents or guardians, on how they should address the concerns. Brought forward by the investigation.

These agreements can outline all of the various steps. That the parents or guardians must take. And what will happen, if the requirements are not met. By certain time frame.

These agreements are supposed to be voluntary to sign says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, child family services may present them as involuntary. Or, use bullying or coercion tactics to get a parent to sign.

All parents should know, that if they do have a written agreement propose to them. By child and family services, they should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. One who is very well-versed in child welfare laws.

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Such as the child youth family and enhancement act. Or the family Law act of Alberta, such lawyers can be found. At the Law office of the law alliance, located in Edmonton.

The lawyer will review the agreement, and advise the parent. If it is in their best interest. To sign the document. But in most cases, they advise against it. Because once it is signed, it becomes completely legally binding.

What that means, is if they fail to live up to one requirement. Or miss the deadline by a day. They could face serious repercussions, such as losing custody of their child. Rather than adhere to this agreement.

The method that divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends, is refusing to sign the document. Which is well within a parents right, which will trigger a court case. And in the months, or year leading up to the court case.

The lawyer will recommend. That the parent put into action all of the changes, proposed by child protective services. That way, when the court hears the case. They will see that all requirements have been dealt with.

And the judge will have almost no option. But to dismiss the case, that way child and family services gets what they want. The child is protected. And the parent was never in any danger of losing custody of their children.

If parents would like more information, or help from a great lawyer. They can contact the Law alliance in Edmonton, and get a consultation. That can help them plan their next steps forward in this difficult situation.