Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Details


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Details

Although no parents start a family hoping they will need a divorce lawyer Edmonton in the future. It is a reality for many people in the province of Alberta. And with some patients, and the right advice.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Parents can navigate this often difficult world. In order to separate or divorce amicably. And be effective parents for the children that they have brought into this world. When parents are separating or divorcing.

One of the first things that they should do. Besides hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as the experts at the Law alliance in Edmonton. Is to figure out where the children are going to initially be living.

This can change in the future. However, parents are going to be able to inform the court. Through their lawyer. If it changes. And when it changes, in order to amend any child support orders that are in effect.

The reason why they have to decide. Where the children are going to be living at first. Is because parents are going to have that information. Inform who pays child support, and how much.

It was once considered an extremely common occurrence. For one parent to have the children. For most of the time, such as during the week. While the other parent would have them on the weekend. Or every other weekend.

Therefore, they parent who has access less than 40% of the time. Will be the parent who is assessed to pay child support. Based on a percentage of their total income. As stated on line 150.

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Of their notice of assessment. However, it is considered more common nowadays. For parents to share access equally. Such as having the child for one week or two weeks at a time. And then the parents switch.

In this case, many parents mistakenly believe. That child support does not need to be paid at all. However, this is not true. Child support will always be required. It is just how to calculate it.

When parents share access equally. Child support is paid. By the parent who earns more money in the relationship. The courts will subtract the lower income from the higher income. And child support will be calculated.

At a percentage of the difference between the two. Again, if finances change. Such as a parent enters into financial hardship. Lose their job, or they get another job. That makes less what they did at the time of the assessment.

They can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton to go to court. And inform the court. As well as their significant other. That change has been made. And that child support payments will be reduced.

If they have a financial hardship. Their child support payments may in fact be reduced. Simply temporarily. Or give a parent a reprieve from paying. However when they do take a break as granted by the court.

They will have to pay everything that they would have paid. If they did not take a break. So this can be very helpful. To parents who need a bit of extra help says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Child Support Details For All Parents

One of the most important things for divorce lawyer Edmonton to do. Is to help parents understand how to navigate. The sometimes confusing world of divorce law.

When parents are no longer together, they will have to start paying child support. As this is a legal mechanism. That the court system in Alberta uses in order to ensure.

That children have both of parents. Positively contributing. To their financial well-being. The parent pays child support to the other. It is to offset the cost. Of the food, clothing and shelter.

That the courts have assumed has already been paid for by the other parent. Because of this, the parent who receives child support. Can spend it on anything that they see fit. Because they have already paid for the necessities of life.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents cannot say. How the other parent spends that money. Even if it looks like they are not spending on the child. That is their prerogative. Because the parent will have already paid.

For things like food, clothing and shelter. However if the parents concern. Is that a parent is not spending child support on the child. But there food, clothing and shelter is not cared for either.

Then they will be able to make a case for child protective services to visit the home. And that will impact more than just child support payments. However, many parents get angry with their other parent.

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Because they are not spending the money the way they think the parent should be. And this is not something that any parents can dictate to the other says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

However, a parent also cannot withhold child support. Because a parent has withheld access. Access and child support are considered mutually exclusive by the court. And a protected right of the child as well.

If parents are concerned that they are not getting. Either their child support. Or the access that they are entitle to. Then they should utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court, in order to ensure that it happens.

If parent decides to stop paying child support. Without approval of the court. Then it will trigger. What is known as the maintenance enforcement program. This is an agency within the province itself.

Tasked with collecting delinquent child support orders. They have a significant authority. And sweeping powers to do so. They can suspend a person’s drivers license or confiscate their passports.

They can sees their assets legally. And have their wages garnished so that they never see them. They can do this until all the child support that is owed. Is paid up to date. Therefore, parents should endeavour.

To never miss child support payments. And if they are concerned. They can go to court with their lawyer to plead their case. To either reduce the amount. Or take a break for certain reason.

By navigating the court system effectively. Child, is the one who is going to end up winning. Having both parents care for them according to the law. Call eLaw Alliance for guidance today.