Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Requirements


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Requirements

It is very important for parents to understand child support laws according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because failure to adhere to these laws. Will end up with parents in legal trouble.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure that both parents are contributing positively. To their child’s life, at least where food, clothing and shelter is concerned.

Because it is the right of the child. To have the two parents that created them. Contribute to their life. Under no circumstances is it possible. For parents to walk away from this commitment. Or, not live up to it.

Another thing that people should understand about child support. Is that it is not conditional. On a child’s access to their parent. Therefore, if a parent wishes. To give up their parental rights. They still must pay child support.

Or if one parent withholds access to the other parent. That does not allow them to stop paying child support either. Because of this, many parents may be in direct conflict. With the laws regarding child support.

Especially as tempers flare. And hurt feelings because parents to withhold access. As well as withholding child support to. It is very important that parents realize that this is not about the other parent.

And more about the rights of their child that they created. Therefore, they need to realize. That it will always have to be paid. And the more agreeable they are to this. The easier it will be for all involved.

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The parents separate or divorce, they will need to figure out. At least temporarily where the children will be living. The parent that does not have access the majority of time. Will be the parent that is responsible. For paying child support.

Child support will be calculated says divorce lawyer Edmonton. By looking at the parent who must pay child support’s income statement. And calculating a percentage of their total income.

This is why it is also required. For both parents to disclose their finances. Both with the court and with each other. That will allow the judge to calculate child support. And failure to do so, will not get a person out of paying it.

In fact, if a person does not disclose their finances. The judge will simply come up with an amount they believe is fair. Therefore, people should simply disclose their finances. Knowing that they are going to care for the life they created.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says in more situations now than ever before. A parent shares equal access with each other. And in this case, child support is calculated slightly differently.

Called set off child support, the difference between the two parents income. Will be but the judge calculates the percentage on. So that both parents can be considered. Contributing equally to the upbringing of their children.

To help navigate this sometimes complex situation. Parents should visit eLaw Alliance in Edmonton. They can arrange a consultation. And get important answers to their most urgent questions.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Requirements Easily

While nobody enters into a relationship hoping it will end says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is the reality for many people across the province of Alberta. And when they split, and children are involved.

Child support is going to be an issue. That they are going to have to navigate. Not just initially. But for many years to come. A common misconception about child support.

Is that it only has to be paid. Until the child is eighteen years of age. This is simply not true says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because in many circumstances, the child will continue to require. Child support, over the age of eighteen.

For example, a child who is enrolled in postsecondary education. Especially if they are still living with one parent. Will require ongoing child support payments by the other parent.

As well, divorce lawyer Edmonton says as long as one child. Remains economically dependent on the parent. They can in fact require child support. Until the age of twenty-five. And if they have an injury or a disability.

It may be indefinite, which means. A parent should not simply stop paying child support. The child reaches eighteen years of age. Because they could trigger legal action. Including the maintenance enforcement program.

But this is, is an agency within the province of Alberta. That was formed in order to help enforce child support orders. They have broad authority. In order to encourage people to pay child support.

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Being able to suspend a person’s drivers license, confiscate their passports. They can even arrange to have their wages garnished and assets seized just to name a few things. Even by missing one payment.

Can trigger a call by the maintenance enforcement program. Therefore, anyone who is having some difficulties paying child support. Should immediately contact the courts, in order to explain.

What the difficulty is. If they have lost their job, or are experiencing. Some kind of hardship, such as a sick parent. The courts will be very cooperative. In helping the person either temporarily reduce.

Or delay child support payments. They view child support as a right of the child. And not a punishment for the parent. Therefore, as long as all parties are being communicative with each other.

There is no reason for the courts to not help people. Get back on their feet, if they are experiencing problems. Another misconception is that parents. Who are getting social assistance. Do not require child support.

The only difference in this case. Is the parent who is receiving government assistance. Will have their child support paid to the government. Under no circumstances will one parent.

Be able to stop paying child support. Because the primary caregiver. Is on social assistance. There are many other issues when it comes to child support. And learning what to do.

As well as what to avoid, can be incredibly beneficial. Parents who are looking for help. Can contact the Law alliance and set up a consultation today.