Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Payments


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Payments

Child support is a very serious issue according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is the legal mechanism. To ensure that parents are caring for the life they created with each other.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And, while not all relationships can last forever. Whether parents are getting divorced. Or simply separating, child support needs to be paid. Because both parents need to care for their child.

The primary source of child support, as outlined. In section 3 of post the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Specifies that this child support must go towards. Offsetting the cost of food, clothing and shelter.

This is calculated by taking a look. At where the child lives the majority of the time. Parents who are newly separating do not need to panic. And think that this is written in stone. They can make these edits.

As they need to, in order to ensure. That the child is cared for, and the parents have the ability to do so. However, to start. They must look at where the child is living the majority of the time. And the other parent will be the one.

Who is paying child support the other parent. It will be calculated by taking a look at the parents income. As outlined on line 150. Of their last calculated notice of assessment. If a parent is behind in their taxes.

The judge may use their discretion. Ask for current pay stubs, or simply assess it at what they think is current. Which can be amended, once the parent catches up on their taxes.

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Once they have a percentage that they must pay. Per child to the parent that has access the majority of the time. That will be the child support that they are required to pay. Unless things change.

If things do change, they can utilize the help their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Go to court and inform the judge. That things have changed, what that change is. And amend their child support payments as well.

If both parents are sharing access equally. Which is more common these days than ever before. It is outlined under section 9. Of both the divorce act, and the family Law act of Alberta.

This is called set off child support. Which ensures the calculation of child support. Is done correctly. In this case, the parent that earns more money. Will pay a percentage of the difference in their income, and child support.

And while many people might think. That child support is connected to access. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is not at all true. If a parent does not see their child, whether it is their choice.

Or if another parent is withholding that access. It does not give the parents the right. To stop paying child support. The appropriate response is to get their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

To go back to court and explain the situation. And have the legal system sorted out on their behalf. To find a great divorce lawyer, contact the experts at eLaw Alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Grasping Child Support Payments Is Important

Child support is an important legal mechanism according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That ensures both parents are positively contributing. To the upbringing, and life of the child that they created together.

While main child support payments. Go towards offsetting the cost of food, clothing and shelter. Many people may not realize. That there is another set of child support expenses. That they can ask for in court.

Under section 7 of the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act, is extracurricular activity support. Not only does this go towards the child’s extracurricular activities. Such as a sports team, lessons and similar activities.

It can also go towards additional expenses like daycare, or babysitting. In order to access this, a parent can utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court, explaining what the cost is. And that they would like help to cover it. Not only will they have to provide proof of how much it costs.

Both parents will be expected. To contribute to paying for this expense. Not just based on their income. But the judge will also see. If this is an expense. That the parent can actually withstand. The courts will be very sensitive. To ensure that they are not giving an undue hardship financially.

To a parent, by asking them to give. More money than they can afford. Therefore, if a parent simply cannot afford it, they are not obligated to pay it.

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Something else that parents should keep in mind about child support. Is that if they have an inability to pay. For example, they were laid off. They had an injury, or they have some other emergency happen.

They are unable to pay child support temporarily. Rather than miss a payment, and trigger the maintenance enforcement program in Alberta. The best thing to do have their divorce lawyer Edmonton inform the courts.

So that they do not get in trouble been this payment is missed. Because child support is not considered a penalty or punishment. As long as parents are communicative with each other.

As well as with the court system, they will have a lot of leniency. However if a parent is not communicative. And simply misses payments on a regular basis. It will trigger the maintenance enforcement program.

This is an agency within Alberta. That exists purely to enforce child support orders. They have the authority to suspend drivers licenses, confiscate passports. Furnish wages and seize assets and more.

If people want to avoid risk losing their license. They should ensure that they are communicating with the parent of their child. As well as the court system. And, never miss making a payment that they can afford.

While this might seem like more complex when parents are in it. Getting the right lawyer can make a world of difference. Hire the experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton. They will not only help parents understand the legal system. But they will help them navigate it effort sleep.