Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Follow this Protocol in Court

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Follow this Protocol in Court

People should understand that there is proper protocol that needs to be followed while they are in court says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And regardless of the reason why they are going to court. Whether it is because they have a docket date, or a family law case, or criminal law case. This protocol must be observed by everyone at all times.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the most important things that should be adhered to is that people show up on time. Be punctual, even if other experiences with court show that people wait for several hours. This is often the case with docket cases. Or with chambers dates, where there are many files being heard in that specific frame of time.

Even though they might not get seen by the judge first. People needs to keep in mind that the court does take note of when people arrive. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says people should sign in with Mme. clerk or any clerk at the front. To ensure that they are aware that people have arrived.

Therefore, if they are in a meeting with duty counsel. Or even going to the washroom. If there matter gets called by the judge during that time. The clerk or courts will let the judge know that they have arrived. But they are indisposed at the time.

In fact, if it is not for a docket date but a trial date or something substantial. It is even more important that people show up on time says divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they will not risk having the judge ruled in their absence. Which is a definite possibility.

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Not only can the judge rule in someone’s absence. But they can even throw out the entire case if it is noncriminal. Forcing people to start over at the beginning with their application. Or lose their family law matter.

If it is criminal in nature, and a person does not show up on time. A very likely consequence is that the judge will issue a warrant out for that person’s arrest. Since they are expected to show up. And they are not there.

However, it is also extremely important that people show up on time. Not just so that they do not get punitive measures handed out to them. But because they can access duty counsel if they show up on time or early.

Duty counsel refers to a lawyer who often sits outside a family or criminal court room. That gives free legal advice.

How a person can access this free legal advice. Is signing up for it. It is handed out on a first-come, first-served basis. So if a person arrives to the courthouse on time or early. They can sign up for this duty counsel. And often learn things that can help them win their case.

In fact, in family matters, duty counsel can even represent someone in court. Making it even more likely that they will win their case.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Follow this Protocol in Court

People may not realize exactly how important protocol is in a courtroom says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Particularly if they have never been in court before. But it is considered a formal proceeding by all attendance. Whether it is the judge, the lawyers, the defendants, or the clerks and employees of the court.

And as such, disrespectful behaviour and clothing is not tolerated. The first thing that people need to know. Is that the formal proceedings will not allow the wearing of WITHIN the courtroom. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests they should not even be worn to the courthouse.

But if they are worn inside the building. The Sheriff may ask a person to remove them from their head. If they put the cap back on any time after that. The Sheriff may confiscate the ball. Or even have that person removed from the courtroom.

If they are removed from the courtroom, they may not get there matter heard by the judge. Or they could have it stricken from the docket in that day, requiring someone to find a new court date. Or striking their application altogether. Requiring them to start the application from the beginning.

Or, the judge may rule in their absence. Without feedback, or finding out more information from them. Particularly if it is a family matter. If a person wants access to their children, or a ruling on child support. Having the judge rule in their absence might be the least beneficial thing to their case.

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Another thing that people needs to keep in mind, is that food and drink will not be permitted inside the courtroom. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says there is no exceptions to this rule. And so people should not bring anything them to the courtroom.

If people need to drink water. They may ask the Sheriff to bring them water which is allowed. As long as it is not from an outside source. Subdue should keep this in mind, before they think they can bring their coffee to go cup inside the courtroom.

Finally, people need to understand that cell phone use is absolutely not permitted. Not for phone calls, not for texting, not for being on social media or playing games.

Not only is this disruptive behaviour. Especially if there is notifications on their phone, or if a person is speaking on the phone. But also, being on a phone during court proceedings will be seen as disrespectful to the court, and to the judge. Disrespectful behaviour will most definitely be taken note of.

Therefore, upon entering the courtroom. People should turn off their cell phone, very least turn it to silent. By doing this, they will not risk offending the judge. Or disrupting their proceedings.

By keeping in mind all of this important protocol, can help ensure that people get there matter heard by a judge. And get to give the feedback that they need in order to get the ruling that they want.