Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Figuring Out Your Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Figuring Out Your Child Support

Child support is required says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even if parents agree with each other. That it is not necessary. And even if one parent does not see their child. Whether that is their choice or not.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The reason why, is because under Alberta law. Child support is the legal mechanism. For ensuring that people who bring life into the world. Remain financially responsible for their upbringing.

There are many misconceptions as well as fallacies about child support, that need to get addressed. So that parents do not end up doing. The wrong thing, and ending up in legal difficulties because of it.

One of the first misconceptions that parents need to understand. Is that child support does not automatically end. When the child reaches the age of majority. In Alberta, that age is eighteen.

And many parents believe. That as soon as their child reaches eighteen. That they no longer required to pay child support. But this is not true at all. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says if the child is enrolled in postsecondary education.

They still may be require to get child support payments. Until, they are out of school. Up to the age of twenty-five. Parents who believe that their child will be done with child support. When they are eighteen years of age.

May end up owing over seven years of child support. Because they stopped paying, when the child still was entitled to receive it. Also, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that many children require to receive.

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Child support payments because of a disability. Or if they require help from parent. If they are still living with the parent, and require help. The court may mandate. That child support will have to be paid indefinitely.

This is not what many people are aware of. Therefore, they can end up owing child support. If they stop paying. While the child is still legally entitled to it. Another misconception about child support.

Is that parents often believe. That they will not have to pay child support. If they do not see the child. This is not true as well. And if a parent withholds access. Or if the parent decides to not see their child.

They are still going to be required to pay. Even if a parent moves out of the country. They are still going to be required to pay child support. And if they move to a country. That has reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada.

That means that their child support orders will be upheld in the new country they have moved to. And they will still be required to pay, even if see their child is impossible. There are hundreds of different countries throughout the world.

That has the reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada. Such as the United States, the United Kingdom, most of Europe and Africa. As well as countries like Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and many others.

The best thing for people to do. Would be to contact the experts. Such as the expert lawyers at eLaw Alliance located in Edmonton. They will be able to find out their rights and obligations.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Figuring Out Your Required Child Support Payment

Parents will understand how important it is to pay child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because it is the way that both parents. Will ensure that they care for the child that they created together.

Child support is calculated by figuring out. First of all, where the child is going to be staying. For the majority of the time. For example, a child that stays with one parent for 60% of the time or more.

Have child support being paid by the other parent. However, when child access is shared equally. Many parents may not realize. That child support still must be paid. In this case, it is called set off child support.

And parents must figure out. Who is the higher income earner out of two of them. The difference between the lower income earner and the higher. Will be the amount of money. That the court takes a percentage of.

In order to pay child support. And while this is how child support is calculated. Parents must ensure that not only does access not determine if child support should get paid or not.

It is also not a penalty or punishment. Therefore, if any financial circumstances change. They need to take their divorce lawyer Edmonton and go back to court. To inform them of the changes.

If a parent stops paying child support for any reason. Whether that parent is not paying child support. Because they are not receiving access they feel they are entitled to. Or, they are not paying child support.

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Because they lost their job. Or are experiencing financial hardship. This is not a decision they are allowed to make. And it will trigger the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an agency within the province of Alberta.

Whose entire purpose is to enforce child support orders that are not being carried out. They have broad authority. In order to enforce the orders. Such as threatening to suspend drivers license, confiscating passports.

Garnishing wages, and seizing assets just to name a few things. Not only are they able to threaten this. They are able to carry through with that threat. And they can withhold a person’s property, license or passport.

As well as garnish their wages, until a person has paid. Not just the current child support they owe. But any retroactive child support. That they owed, for the time that they were not paying it.

As well, parents need to understand. That if their finances change. They can tell the court, and provide proof. In order to have their child support amount change.

Some parents also want to know from their divorce lawyer Edmonton. If they can claim that they are unable to pay child support. Because they have too many child support orders. And this is also not possible.

Essentially, if people create life. They are responsible for carrying for that life. Even purely financially, so only create life. If you are willing to take responsibility for it.