Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Failing To Pay Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Failing To Pay Child Support

For most situations, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Parents want to do the right thing. By supporting their children. Whether that means paying child support. Sharing access, or both. And for the vast majority of the situations.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Parents can end their relationship amicably. And continue to co-parent. The children that have come from their union. However, there are some circumstances. Where parents, avoid their obligations. Of paying child support.

Or allowing the other parent access. To the children, and serious legal ramifications. Happen in those circumstances. While a parent, is never able to stop paying child support. They can ask the courts. To reduce payments.

And upon receipt of proof. As to why they should have lower payments. The court, will usually lower the payments. Because child support. Is not meant to be punitive. However, while most parents.

Are certainly happy to pay but they can afford. However, other parents, want to get out of payments completely. And even take steps. To flee the country. In order to avoid this legal obligation to their child.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Most people will be out of luck. If they try fleeing the country. In order to get out of child support payments. The reason why, is because Canada is what is called.

A reciprocating jurisdictions. What that means, is that they will enforce court orders. From other participating countries. And those other participating countries. Will also enforce legal orders, stemming from Canada.

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Therefore, if people flee the country. They will find. That their child support requirements. Our waiting for them. When they get to their new country. While this is not overly common. It does happen in situations.

Where the parents come from another country. And immigrate to Canada. And then, one parent goes back to where they came from. All the parents, who is owed child support needs to do. Is make an application.

Through the court to inform them. Of where their spouse went. Or is likely to have gone. And if they are a reciprocating jurisdiction. The country that they ended up in. Will ensure, that they enforce the child support agreement.

Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom. Australia, and all of South Africa. Our considered reciprocating jurisdictions. Even countries as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Many of the European countries such as Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Austria. As well as Norway, Singapore, the Czech Republic and Barbados. Are all considered reciprocating jurisdictions. And will enforce child support orders.

Therefore, parents who are supposed to be paying child support. Will not be able to run away from their obligations. And while they may legitimately. Want to leave the country. They should ensure that they have made arrangements.

To maintain their legal obligations. Otherwise, they could face penalties. Of failure to pay, based on the penalties periods of the country that they are staying in. While this might seem harsh.

Parents should also keep in mind. That paying for the food, clothing and shelter. All of the basic necessities of life. To the life they created, is their obligation says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Happens When There Is Failure To Pay Child Support

Child support is a hotly contested issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. With many people. Applying to receive more money. And many parents, arguing in court. That they should not have to pay as much.

However, the ultimate issue. Is child support is a mechanism. That is designed, to enable. Both parents to continue. To provide the necessities of life. For the life that they created together.

Child support, has to be paid. Even when the parent. Who is receiving the child support. Earns more money. Then the parent making the payments. Even when both parents share access equally.

Child support must be paid. Even when a parent does not get. Or does not want to see their child. And for the most part, child support is paid. By most parents, who and up separating or divorcing.

However, even if they want to be as amicable as possible. They still may need. Help from divorce lawyer Edmonton. To navigate, some difficult issues. To ensure that they act according to the law.

A great example of this. Is many parents who wonder. Which parent bears the obligation. To pay for the child’s extracurricular activities. Whether it is a sporting activity, such as hockey, soccer or football.

Perhaps it is music lessons. Like piano, band, or voice lessons. It could be art lessons. Like painting, acting or sculpting. But when extracurricular activities are chosen. According to the law.

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However, it is both parents obligation. To ultimately pay for all of it. However, while one parent, may not agree. With the extracurricular activities. That the child has been enrolled in. It is clearly not up for debate, in the court system.

The parent who has more access. Undoubtedly gets to make this decision. And if they share access. They both get input. How they decide who pays. Will be based on a percentage of their income.

The courts will look at the cost of the activity. And how much income. Each of the parents makes. And they will award, which parent. Will pay which portion. Of each of the extracurricular activities.

In some situations, one parent. Has enrolled the child in lessons. That are extremely expensive. And cannot afford. If both parents, cannot pay for the extracurricular activity.

By both contributing. Then, no additional child support. Shall be granted. And while this is how extracurricular activities. Our paid for, when parents divorce, or separate. This also will be the situation.

When paying for daycare, afterschool care. Or a day home for example. There may be many other situations. Where the parents are more than happy to comply. They just want to know. What they need to do.

Therefore, they can contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. At the law alliance, located in Edmonton. Not only do they have a free, one hour consultation. But they are also more than happy. To be retained, to help parents navigate. This sometimes sensitive issue.