Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Welfare Laws

No parent wants to need to hire divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they or their family. Or being investigated by child and family services. There are many instances that would have this organization investigate claims of a child in danger.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They can all be read, in-depth for free online. In the child youth family and enhancement act. And the most broad sense, a child that needs intervention. Is if there are reasonable or probable grounds to believe.

That the safety, security or development. Of the child is in any way endangered. And in fact, the law also states. That any citizens that witness. A child that they believe needs help. They are required by law to report this.

They can report it to any RCMP detachment. Any city police depot, or with any of the multiple agencies dealing with child welfare across Alberta. While there are too many to mention, they are referred to collectively as child and family services.

Anytime any of the organizations that deal with child welfare. Receives a report. From someone who believes a child needs help. They are required by law to investigate, in order to determine.

If the child is in need of help or not. And while there are broad definitions. Of children who need help. There also some very specific descriptions. Of a child that is in need of intervention as well.

For example, a child who is lost, or has run away from home. Will require intervention. To get them home safely. Their parent or guardian might have died, leaving them with no parent or guardian. And they will needs to determine.

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Where the child is going to live, and who will become their legal guardian. The child may have been abandoned, temporarily or permanently by a parent. But some are very specific ways that the child is being abused.

Can be defined as physical, sexual, emotional abuse. Perpetrated either by the parent or guardian, or someone else. That the parent or guardian is either unable, or unwilling to stop says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And in fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says an intervention by child and family services can be advantageous. If the parent or guardian is unable to stop the abuse. Because it is likely.

That the parent is also being abused by the same person. And an intervention by the right authorities. Can stop the abuse. The child and family services can investigate very thoroughly.

Such as showing up unannounced. And investigating the entire home. Speaking to the parents or guardians separately and privately. Speaking to the child alone, to find out what they say. When their parent or guardian is underground.

And interviewing all third parties that may be necessary says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To figure out what is going on. Such as the child’s siblings, grandparents, aunts or uncles. Neighbours, babysitters and teachers just to name a few.

Once they have investigated. And determined that a child needs help, they have many tools of their disposal. To help the child outside of court. Or, in a court of law. To ensure that the child is kept safe at all times.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Welfare Laws To Know

No parent wants to go to court with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they have been investigated. By child and family services, and it has gone to trial.

There are many reasons why the investigation would have on this way. If ultimately, that child and family services determines. That a child needs help. They can either immediately go to court.

Or, try to handle matters with a written proposal, either called a permanent guardianship agreement, a family enhancement agreement. Or a custody agreement, that have written instructions. On how a parent can correct the situation.

If a parent refuses to sign, often on the advice. Of their lawyer. Then the situation will go to trial. One of the reasons why a divorce lawyer Edmonton may suggest this course of action.

Is because parents and guardians can avoid signing a legally binding document. But, in the time leading up to the trial. They can fix the matters. According to what child and family services proposed in the written agreement.

So that by the time the trial occurs. There will be no case against the parent or guardian. Because all corrective actions will have taken place. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton also says that this is no risk.

Because of the parents do not do the work. Will go to trial, and the judge will make the decision. On what should happen to the child, and the parents. There will be three potential outcomes.

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A supervision order, which is where the parent. Will need to have regular check ins. With child and family services. As they correct the situation. And things better for the child.

Or, a temporary guardianship order. Where child and family services will remove the child from the home. As the parent or guardian corrects the situation, usually with the help of their lawyer.

Or finally, the judge will grant a permanent guardianship order. Which not only removes the child from custody of the parent permanently. But terminates the parents parental rights, permanently.

There are usually a series of conditions that child and family services will expect the parents or guardians to fix, such as taking parenting courses. Psychological counselling, addiction therapy, or domestic violence counselling.

It might require a variety of assessments, such as a parenting assessment, or psychological, and neurological assessments done. Once the conditions have been met, the court will be satisfied.

And the child can go back to the parents. And life can carry on as normal. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton cautions parents to be very careful. There likely going to remain on the radar.

Of child family services for years. They should be prepared to have an agent drop in unexpectedly, just to make sure. That they are still providing a safe and loving home for the child.

Ultimately, parents want to do right for their child. And if they get lost along the way, child and family services will help them get back on track.