Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Support Details For You

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Support Details For You

Even though many parents can get divorce or separate without needing a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Or at least not needing to go through. A lot of problems, or mediation in order to do so amicably.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, no matter how a couple divorces or separates. They should understand not only their own rights. But there child’s rights, and their obligation to uphold them. The province of Alberta deems the rights of the child.

To be one of the most paramount to uphold. And one of those rights, is that a child shall have. Both of their parents contribute to their upbringing, at least financially. This is the reason behind child support in the province of Alberta.

Child support is the legal mechanism to ensure. That both parents are financially supporting the child. Traditionally, one parent would have access. To the child more than 60% of the time.

Therefore, the parent that has access less time. Is the parent that pays child support. So that they can both be considered to be contributing. Equally to the child’s upbringing, in a financial sense.

This is why child support is not something. That parents can negotiate away. Or agree that it does not need to get paid. Because even if it is the child of apparent. And they are a minor, parents cannot overturn the rights of the child.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that nowadays. It is even more common for parents to share equal access. With the children living with one parent for one or two weeks. And then switching to the other parent for the same amount of time.

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A common myth about this scenario. Is that parents do not need to pay child support. If they are sharing access equally. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is not accurate at all.

It just is paid a little bit differently. Under section 9 of the divorce act of Alberta. Or the family Law act of Alberta. It states that this is called set off child support. If both parents share access equally.

Which, incidentally, a judge will view as being. One of the most positive arrangements for the child. To have as much access to both parents as possible. Then, the child support is paid by the parent who earns more income.

They subtract the lower income earners income. From the higher income earners income. And then, the percentage of child support is taken off of the difference. However, there is even another type of child support.

Divorce lawyers say section 7 covers child support. For additional expenses, such as extracurricular activities or daycare. As a parent can petition the court along with their divorce lawyer.

In order to get a percentage of their income put towards. These additional expenses. Both parents must pay section 7 expenses. To a percentage that the judge deems reasonable, if they can afford it.

If parents have any specific questions about child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton is only a phone call away. Will can call or email eLaw alliance. To arrange their consultation today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Essential Child Support Details For All Parents

There are a lot of misconceptions about child support admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. Often because the information that people get. Comes from different media sources. Such as television or movies.

And these forms of media come from a different country, such as the United States of America. Or at least other provinces. Child support law changes from one country to the other. As well as one province to the next.

In Alberta, child support is considered to be the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are contributing positively. To the child’s financial upbringing. Which is why it is very rare. That any parents can get out of paying child support for any reason.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says even parents who have relinquished their parental rights. Are still on the hook for covering child support until the court deems it not necessary to be paid any longer.

Another misconception about child support. Is that it does not need to be paid. Once the child turns eighteen years old. This is not true at all, because if the child is enrolled in postsecondary education.

Such as University, colleges or trade school even. The judge can ensure the child and the parent they live with continue getting child support payments. For the length of the time they are enrolled in that institution.

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Parents should talk to the judge and their divorce lawyer Edmonton to see if they will have to pay. Child support past the child’s eighteenth birthday. But in no circumstances, should apparent stop paying child support.

Because they assume that the child no longer needs it paid. As well, children who are economically dependent on the parents. Either because of a disability, or another reason. May require child support payments.

Well into their adult life. Or even indefinitely. Therefore, it is very important for parents to understand this. And not make the assumption that child support no longer needs to be paid. They can figure this out with the judge, and their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Another misconception is that child support does not need to be paid. If the other parent is receiving social assistance. This is patently untrue, it simply changes how child support must get paid.

The parent who is on social assistance will need to have the child support. Routed through a government agency. Therefore, the only real change is that the parent paying child support.

Will pay that government agency. Under no circumstances will they be allowed to no longer pay this important amount of money. That is the right of the child to receive. If parents have any other questions about child support issues.

elaw Alliance is ready, and willing to answer all questions. You can either retain one of their fantastic divorce lawyers, or parents can call for their free one hour consultation. And find out what their next steps should be in this scenario. All parents should work hard to ensure their child’s rights are upheld.