Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Do You Owe Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Do You Owe Child Support

One of the most common questions asked of divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is from parents who are separating or divorcing. Wondering if they owe child support. And if so, how much?
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is mandatory payment. And under the law, is considered a right of the child. Both parents that create life. Are financially responsible for that life. Until that child is of age of majority. Or no longer requires help.

Therefore, not only is child support a mandatory payment. It can also not be waived, or eliminated. And child support payments do not automatically end. And the child becomes eighteen years of age in Alberta.

However, many parents believe. That they do not need to pay child support. Because they share access equally. Or because the parent that is going to be getting. The child support payments on behalf of their children.

Is on welfare for example. The first thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to understand. Is that child support is always going to be owed. But it is not considered punishment.

Therefore, the courts want to work with both parents. To ensure it is paid, and is calculated fairly. First of all, if parents want to know. If child support is required, they both share equal access to the children.

Or, they simply want to know. How to calculate child support. When they both have the children. For equal amounts of time. It is quite easy to calculate. They will have to figure out who makes more money.

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And subtracting the smaller amount from the larger amount of income. The remaining, is what the child support percentage. Is calculated from. Therefore, the parent that is making more money.

Will pay a percentage of their income. To the other parent that makes less money. In order to equal out. The financial burden of raising children. Between both parents. However, if there is a change in income.

The parent that has had a change. Should utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to go to the courts. And inform them of this change. So that they can have payments reduced.

Another question that many people have. Is wondering if they should pay child support. When one parent is on welfare. The answer is a resounding yes. Child support is still owed.

Even if one parent is on government assistance. The only change. Is if a parent is on financial assistance. The payments will go to the government. Rather than directly to the parent on assistance.

The last thing that parents should keep in mind. Is that they owe child support. Even if they do not see their children. Whether they want to see their children. Or not. In some cases a parent withholds access.

And in other instances. Parent does not want to see their children anymore. And regardless of seeing their children or not. Child support continues to be owed consistently. For more questions, people can contact a divorce lawyer at elaw alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Do You Owe Child Support Today

When people retain their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. They have many different questions. Many centred around child support. They think that things are different if they are divorcing or are simply common-law.

But this is not true. According to both the family Law act. As well as the divorce act in Alberta. Child support is going to be calculated and figure read it the same. According to both law acts.

Child support is considered. A right of the child. And paying child support, is a way. That the law can ensure. That both parents are taking responsibility. For the life that they both had a hand in creating.

Child support is broken down into three different categories. Section 3, section 7 and section 9. In section 3 child support expenses. These are considered necessities, such as food, clothing and shelter.

This child support is calculated. By figuring out the parents income. As taken from line 150 of their notice of assessment. The parent that has less access. Pay a percentage of this income amount.

Or, in the case of parents. Who are sharing access equally. It will be the difference taken. Between both parents income, the parent who earns more money. Will pay a percentage of the amount over and above.

The amount that they make more than the other parent. Self-employed parents can ask their accountant what should be considered. Their income, as they are likely not going to have. The same amount on line 150 of their taxes.

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The next section says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is section 7, is child support. In order to help pay. For extracurricular activities, and additional child care expenses. Such as daycare, or a day home.

Both parents are required. To pay for both of these expenses. And the parent that has more access. Will be able to dictate. What extracurricular activities. The child is in. However, this is also considered as each parent can afforded.

Therefore, if a parent cannot contribute. To extracurricular activities. Because they do not have the finances. Then the courts will not require them to pay for it. Finally, the last type of child support.

Under section 9 is considered set off child support. This is the calculation. That parents will make, if they have access equally of their children. However, if parents truly have questions about child support.

They should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to figure out exactly who will have to pay. And how much they are likely going to be required. If parents think that because they get along.

They will be able to agree to not pay child support. This is not something that they are legally allowed to do. It is not up to the parents. As it is an obligation they have to their child, for as long as the child needs it.

The best thing to do, would be for both parties. To retain their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. And be open and honest. Not just with themselves and their lawyer. But with each other, and do its best for their children.