Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Do Understand This About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What To Know About Child Support

Parents do not always truly understand child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. They often believe, mistakenly. That it is a payment to the other parent. When it actually is not about the parents.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

According to the laws, that regulate child support. Which in Alberta, it is the family Law act. That says child support is actually the right of the child. Both parents are required by law. To provide for the life they both created.

Therefore, this is why it is not allowed. For both parents to agree. That they do not need child support paid. In this instance, the marital breakdown. May actually be amicable.

And they are going to be sharing access. To the children, very evenly. Therefore they do not believe. That the other parent. Should be paying the other, for the lives of their children.

And while it is great says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents are amicable. And are willing to cooperate. And coparent with each other. Even though their marriage or relationship has ended.

It is not possible legally. For parents to decide. That they do not need to pay child support. Child support is figured out as a percentage. Of the parents income, and who must pay. Mostly depends on who has the most access.

The majority of the time, there is one parent. That has the children for more time. For example, one parent will have the children. During the week, while the other parent. Has them on the weekend.

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In this case, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. That the parent that has the children less. There is a lower financial burden. To their lives, spending less. On food, clothing and their shelter.

Therefore, they will pay child support. To the parent who does bear the larger financial burden. By housing them, feeding them. And clothing them more regularly than the other parent.

This is a percentage of their income. And if there are any special expenses. Such as extracurricular activities, or medical expenses. Very commonly, braces come up in the calculations.

Then it will be a separate calculation. Based on the percentage. Of both parents income. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. They often get a lot of questions. From parents who are deciding.

To share custody equally. It is more common nowadays. For parents to have 50% access to their children. The children spending one or two weeks. With one parent, before switching.

In this case, many people assume. That child support does not need to be paid. Because they are sharing in the financial burden. Of the child equally. However, according to the family Law act.

The law states that the parent who makes more money. Will pay child support. Of a percentage of how much more they make. To the other parent. By understanding child support.

Parents can ensure that they pay for the child. That they both brought to life. And will be responsible for, until the law. Dean’s is not necessary to support that child any longer.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What To Keep In Mind About Child Support

Many people are mistaken says divorce lawyer Edmonton. About the laws concerning child support. There is a lot that they have heard. That is incorrect. Or, they have seen on television or movies.

In Alberta, there is a specific act. Dealing with family law matters. And dealing with child support payments. This is the act that divorce lawyer Edmonton will follow. If there is a divorce.

Or a common-law relationship that breaks down. And there are children involved. Child support is actually classified and broken down. Into three separate categories. That will help figure out how much is page.

The first is a section 3 expense. These expenses fall under necessities. For the child, such as food, shelter and clothing. This is calculated by taking the parents income. Which is the amount that they claimed on taxes.

Which is taken from line 150. Of the parents notice of assessment. A percentage of that amount is going to be. The amount the courts will require. The parent that has less access. To the other parent of the child.

This is owing on a monthly basis. And parents who do not pay. Can have serious ramifications. Such as having their license taken away. And even the removal of income from their paycheck.

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However, section 3 expenses. Or only one part of child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the second part of child support. Is called section 7 expenses. This is where both parents will contribute.

And it cover things like extracurricular activities. Such as if the child is in dance, art or music lessons. Or is participating in a sport for example. It also can cover things like special medical expenses.

Like braces, or daycare expenses. This is you calculate. As a percentage of both parents income. And they both contribute. The third kind of expense is called section 9 expenses.

Also known as set off child support. This calculation is done. If both parents have. Access to the children roughly half of the time. This is for parents that have the children one week. And then the other parent has them another week.

Or two weeks, or a month at a time. Even though they both share in access. This does not mean that child support. Does not need to be paid. In fact, section 9 expenses. Are also calculated.

They calculate which parent. Earns more income. That is to say, which parent. Has more income on their line 150. Of their tax return in the previous year. The parent that makes more income.

Will have the other parents income. Deducting from their income total. And then they will pay a percentage. Of the remaining amount. This is to ensure. That both parents are contributing equally.

By understanding child support. Parents can ensure that it gets paid. As it is their duty to the life that they create. And you cannot waive child support for any reasons at all.