Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Discovering Your Child Support Payments

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Figuring Out Your Child Support Payments

Child support should not be difficult says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But there is a lot of misinformation. That make people believe, that they can avoid paying it. Or that they can use it like a tool.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the most common questions by far. Or from people wondering. If they can stop paying child support payments. Because the other parent is withholding access. One of the first things that people should know.

Is that withholding access, is not legal. And if this is what is happening. They need to take their divorce lawyer Edmonton, and go to court. In order to inform them of what is going on. The other parent will need to respond.

By letting the court know why they withheld access. If they say that it is because they believe. That their children are in danger with that other parent. They must provide proof. If they cannot do so, the court will order the other parent.

To reinstate access. Is also important for parents to know. That paying child support is considered. A right of the child. And therefore, a legal obligation of the parents. And it is never okay to withhold payments.

Even if parent is withholding access. Two wrongs, especially legally. Do not make a right. If a person is withholding child support. Because a parent is withholding access. The person withholding access can go to court.

And inform them that the parent is not paying child support properly. And trigger the maintenance enforcement program. Which can confiscate drivers licenses, passports. And even garnish wages.

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Therefore, if a person is withholding access. Or child support, they should get their divorce lawyer Edmonton involved. And report it with the courts. So that appropriate action can be taken.

Another question that people have with child support, is wondering. If they can eliminate their child support payments. They may claim that they are willing to walk away from the child that they created.

Or, they may say. That they are moving to another country, and will never see the child. But regardless of whether a parent sees their child or not. They must make child support payments regardless.

Whether they want to see their child or not. Child support payments are away. For both parents to be legally obligated. To support the life that they both created. If a person believes that they can get out of paying child support.

By fleeing the country for example. They will be disappointed to learn. That Canada has what is called. A reciprocating jurisdiction with hundreds of other countries. This is an agreement that the countries have together.

To uphold certain legal agreements like child support. If they flee to the countries that have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada. The child support orders will be upheld in those countries. The way it will be upheld here.

The best thing is simply for people to. Disclose their financial information to the courts. Find out how much child support they owe. And pay it faithfully every month.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Discovering Your Child Support Payments Today

Many people are confused about child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And this is often because. There is misinformation about it. According to the divorce act and family Law act of Alberta.

Child support is actually very simple. Once someone understands what it is all about. According to section 3, parents will have to pay child support. In order to be responsible for the necessities of life.

Such as food, clothing and shelter. How this is calculated, who pays child support and how much. Is based on which parent has the most access to the children. A parent that has access 60% of the time or more.

Will be considered the primary caregiver. And the other parent is the one. Who must make child support payments. They will disclose their income to the courts, based online one hundred and fifty of their notice of assessment.

Self-employed parents may need to talk to their accountant. In order to figure out how much income they will claim. And then, they will have a percentage of the income. Be the child support that they have to pay.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says some parents. Share access equally with the children. Taking the children for one or two weeks at a time. And then switching parents, so that the children see both parents equally.

In this case, it is outlined under section 9 of both the divorce act. And family Law act of Alberta, called set off child support. They will still disclose their income. And the parent who makes more money per year.

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Will pay child support based on a percentage of the difference of their income. Therefore, parents should understand. That it is never appropriate. To deem child support not necessary.

It is the right of the child. To have both parents that are responsible for their life. To remain financially responsible to caring for that life they created. However, this is not where child support and’s.

According to section 7, this is the child support. That is responsible for paying for. A child’s extracurricular activities, and expenses such as daycare. How this is calculated.

Is again, based on a percentage of the parents income. And also calculated on what the parent can afford. They may be asked to bring copies. Of all of their household expenses. And all of the bills that they must pay.

In order to figure out. How much they can pay towards. The extracurricular activities. If the court deems that a parent is unable. To afford this says divorce lawyer Edmonton, then they are not required to pay.

As well, a parent does not have to agree. With the type of extracurricular activities that the children are in. In order to be obligated to pay them. Therefore, it is important that parents understand this clearly.

And that if there is a change in income. They should immediately utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court in order to inform them of the change. They should not be responsible to pay. More than they can afford.