Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Determining Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Determining Child Support

If people are separating, or divorcing and there are children involved according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. They will need to figure out child support payments. There is virtually no circumstance. That will allow parent to get out of. Paying for the child that they helped create.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

When parents are divorcing, or separating. Or even if they are not in a legal relationship. And they have a life together. There will be several things that the court will demand. In order to figure out who owes child support.

And how much child support they should be paying. One of the first things that the court will require. Is for both parents to disclose how much they are making. Parents will get either a notice to disclose announcement in the mail.

Or a request for financial documents. Both are required legally. For parents to disclose their financial information. Either yearly or semi annually. Not just to the courts. But also to each other.

Sometimes, divorce lawyer Edmonton says a parent thinks. That they will be able to avoid getting child support payments calculated. Simply by failing to disclose their finances. Both to their ex spouse.

As well as to the courts. But this is not going to be successful. Because if a person fails to disclose their finances. The judge will be empowered. To figure out how much they believe the parent is making.

For example, they can take a look at what. People in that line of work make in the city that they are in. And make an assumption. That they are making approximately the same amount. They can even ask the other parent.

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But they believe their spouse is making. Or, the judge can simply come up with a figure, that they think is reasonable. In almost all circumstances. The judge will assess their income.

At a much higher amount than the person is actually making. Then, the judge will calculate child support payments. Based on the number that they have figured. That may or may not have any basis in reality.

Therefore, the parent who fails to disclose according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Will not only still have to pay child support. But they are likely going to have to pay more child support. Then they would if they disclose.

Their financial information in the beginning. Also, parents should keep in mind. That the courts do not consider. That child support is a punishment. Or a penalty, and therefore they are very agreeable.

Two reassess, and minimize child support payments. Based on new information. And if a parent has extremely varying amounts of income. Because they work in sales, or they depend on tips. In order to earn a living.

They can enter into a program. Where they can report their income. From month-to-month, and then only end up paying. That they make every month. Instead of always paying too much or too little.

If parents would like to enter into this type of arrangement. All they have to do is hire a divorce lawyer. And apply with the courts, so that they can always be paying. And appropriate amount of child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Determining Appropriate Amounts Of Child Support

When parents are divorced or separated, and they have children, divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is important. To understand the laws surrounding child support. There is a lot of misinformation.

And understanding what to do, as well as what to avoid. Will ensure that the child from the relationship. Will get what they need, and both parents. Will be able to stay out of trouble.

One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton tells each and everyone of their clients. Is that child support is an obligation to the child. And cannot be waived, or removed.

Even parents that would like to have their parental rights removed. Are not able to get out of paying child support. It is considered the legal way. That both parents contribute to the lives that they created together.

And if parents do not pay child support. It will trigger what is called the maintenance enforcement program. What this is, is an agency or organization. Within the province of Alberta.

This organizations entire purpose. Is to enforce child support orders. They have quite a lot of authority in order to do so. Not only can they threaten things like suspending a person’s drivers license. Or threaten to confiscate passports.

They can actually do those things. As well as garnish a person’s wages. And sees their assets, and more. The best way to avoid triggering. The maintenance for spent program, is quite simply always pay child support.

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Child support is considered an obligation to the life they created. But not a punishment or penalty. Therefore, child support is calculated fairly. Based on a percentage of a person’s income.

Taking into consideration their debt load, and the bills that they must pay. And if a person is going through hardship. Such as they lost their job. Or they have fallen sick, and had to take time off work.

All they have to do is get their divorce lawyer Edmonton. To make an application within the court system. And request that they have their child support payments. Reduced, or temporarily stopped. Until their finances improve.

As long as parents are communicative with the courts. And with each other, it is almost never problem. To temporarily decrease. Or stop child support payments for a while. When their finances have improved.

They will need to catch up the child support payments that they missed. Or if they found a new job. And the rage is less than they were making before. They can apply to the courts. To have their child support payments.

Permanently decreased based on the new information. Some parents believe that they can get out of paying child support. And before they stop paying. They should consult their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

To ensure that they do not miss out to doing something very important. And get into trouble legally. By paying child support. Communicating, and working with the court. Both parents can ensure they pay.

For the life they helped create, and stay out. Of the court system for the life of their child.