Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Details About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Details About Child Support

Child support is the right of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And if parents can understand that early on in their divorce or separation. The better it is going to be for everyone.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Written in both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Child support must be paid in all circumstances. Because not only is it the right of the child. To have both parents who brought them into the world.

To contribute to their life until the law deems appropriate. But also, because child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure that both parents are living up to this obligation to their child.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton will go over the rights of the parents. As well as the parental obligation to the child. And explain in clear terms. How child support must always be paid.

One of the first things that parents are going to have to do. When they decide to divorce or separate. Is figure out where the children are going to be living. This does not need to be permanent decision.

It simply needs to be what they do for now. So that the court system can calculate. Appropriate child support payments. Parents can change this arrangement at any time. And utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton to go back to court.

And let them know that the living arrangements have changed. Or that their income has changed, and provide proof. So that the child support payment can more accurately reflect. What is going on in the child’s world.

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According to both the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Section 3 expenses of child support. Offset the cost of food, clothing and shelter. Both parents need to understand that this payment.

Read pays the parent what the court assumes. They have already paid towards. The necessities of life for the child. Therefore, when the parent receives the child support payment. The parent is under no obligation.

To spend it on any particular thing. Many spouses get very angry. Thinking that there ex spouse is not utilizing. The child support in the way that they think it should be used.

But not only can one parent. Not dictate to the other what the child support must be paid on. They also cannot make changes to the child support agreement without legal say so as well.

The only time the court will have a say. In what child support must be paid on says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is if the necessities of life are not being appropriately cared for.

Therefore, parents who think. The other parent should be spending child support money. On something specific, is not get to make that decision. There are many other things to know.

In order to ensure child support is paid correctly. And that parents do not end up in legal trouble. Because they have made an assumption. They can hire their own divorce lawyer to help them understand. How to navigate this complex and delicate issue.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Details About Child Support To Know

Child support should not be a contested issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is the legal can is them to ensure. Both parents are contributing positively. To the life of their children that they created together.

Therefore, when parents separate or divorce. There will be different provisions in the laws. Whether it is the divorce act of Alberta. Or the family Law act of Alberta. That outlines how child support should be handled.

If parents do not share equal access to the children. The parent who has the child 60% of the time or more. Will be the one who receives child support. And the other parent must pay child support.

This is done to ensure that both parents. Our contributing as equally as possible. Even though they do not see the child equally. Under no circumstances is access tied to child support.

Therefore, if a parent withholds access. It does not give the other parent. The right to withhold child support and vise versa. If a parent is not paying child support. Or allowing access to the other parent.

The appropriate response is to hire a divorce lawyer to go to court. And have the legal system sorted out appropriately. If parents retaliate by withholding one when the other parent withholds the other.

When it goes to court, both parents can end up in trouble. This can be avoided simply by understanding. The child support must always be paid. Regardless of how much or how little parent sees their child.

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The next child support facts that parents should know about. Is that it still needs to get paid. If parents share equal access. This is a much more common scenario these days. Where parents have equal access.

Such as the child lives with one parent for one or two weeks. And then the parents switch. This is called set off child support. As outlined in section 9 of the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the calculation of child support is different. If both parents look at their income. As taken from line 150. Of the notice of assessments on their most recent tax return.

The parent who earns more money. Will be the parent who pays child support. The difference between both parents income. Will be the amount of money. That the court calculates a percentage of four child support.

If at any time the child’s living arrangements change. Or the parents income changes. That is when parents can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court in order to change the child support payment arrangement.

The court looks at child support as the right of the child. And not a penalty. Therefore, changing the child support is easy. And the courts will be more than happy to make the adjustment. As long as both parents are being communicative.

When parents have any other questions. They can hire divorce lawyer Edmonton experts at eLaw alliance. They are located conveniently in Edmonton. Call today for your free consultation.