Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Deciphering Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Deciphering Child Support

One of the most important things says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is if people are separating. And there are children involved, that they uphold their obligations to the children.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

This means that both parents. Remain indebted to supporting their child. Either through access. Or through financial support. Even if a parent does not see their child. Whether they want to, or not.

They are still going to be required to pay child support. In some cases, where both parents. Do not get along with each other. They may stop paying child support. In order to punish the other parent.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the courts frowns upon this behaviour. Because it is considered punishing the child. And a parent is not living up to the obligation they have to that life that they created.

Sometimes, a person will stop paying child support. Because one parent is withholding access. To the child that they have together. In this case, a parent may stop paying child support. Because the one parent.

Does not get to see their child. According to the law, to wrongs do not make a right. And while withholding access is not legal. So his failing to pay child support. If a parent is withholding access.

Or withholding child support. The appropriate response according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is to inform the court. And let the court handle the case. And if someone is doing wrong, the court will penalize them appropriately.

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If a person is not paying child support. It will trigger is now the maintenance enforcement program. Which is a program in the province of Alberta. That is authorized with significant authority.

Two encourage child support orders to be fulfilled. Among some of the things that they can do. In order to encourage people to pay. Is suspending drivers licenses, confiscating passports.

Garnishing wages, seizing assets and more. The best thing is for a parent. To simply continue to pay the child support they owe. And if they believe the other spouse is in the wrong. Go back to court with their divorce lawyer.

In order to let the courts a handle the situation. If people think that they can avoid triggering the maintenance enforcement program. By fleeing the country. They will also discover that this is not going to work as well.

Canada has called reciprocating jurisdiction. With hundreds of other countries throughout the world. What this means, is that the governments in both countries. Have an agreement. That they will uphold various legal agreements.

Including child support orders. Therefore, a person may flee this country. Thinking that authorities cannot force them to pay child support in their new country. Only to discover that not only can they force a person.

To uphold their child support agreement. But failure to do so will result in the appropriate punishment for failing to uphold legal agreements. In that country, or worse, deportation.

And never pays to avoid legal responsibilities. And child support is no different. Parents should always ensure that they are paying child support. And if they have questions, a divorce lawyer will be more than happy to answer.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Figuring Out Your Child Support Today

Child support is an obligation to the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And as such, it is impossible to eliminate. Or stop paying child support for any reasons. Parents who are no longer together need to understand this.

When they separate or divorce, they will get a notice to disclose. Or request for financial documents in the mail. This is a request by the law for both parents. To disclose their financial information. Not just with the court system, but with each other.

This is to help calculate child support payments. The parent that has access the least amount of time. Will be required to pay child support. Based on a percentage of line 150 of their notice of assessment.

If parents are sharing access equally. Child support is still required says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, it is calculated slightly differently. They will still have to disclose their financial information.

And the parent that pays child support. Will be the one that makes more money. They will pay a percentage of the difference of their income. That way, they can both be contributing equally.

To the life that they both had a hand in creating. However, people still have questions about child support. For example, if one parent is on social assistance. Some people believe that they should not collect child support.

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If they are on social assistance. But this is not true says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They still must pay child support. But when a parent is on social assistance. They will pay that to the government instead of.

Directly to the parent on social assistance. People should not take it upon themselves. To stop paying child support. Because of their assumptions based on the other spouse.

Another question that people have when it comes to child support. Is wondering if child support can go towards. Paying for extracurricular activities. The regular child support, as outlined in section 3.

Is simply for food, clothing and shelter. All of the necessities of life. Paying for extracurricular activities. Is outlined in section 7. Section 7 outlines that both parents must contribute. To extracurricular activities.

Based on their ability to pay. They must disclose their finances. And a percentage of the extracurricular activity. Will be paid, based on their ability. However, if a parent cannot afford to pay.

They are not legally obligated to. As well, a parent cannot decide to not pay child support. For extracurricular activities. If they do not like the activities. That the child is enrolled in.

Therefore, they might end up having to pay for extracurricular activities. That they do not want their child in. Because the parent that has access most of the time. That is to make that decision. If people continue having questions.

About child support, how to pay. And if they can pay less. They should direct that to unknowledgeable divorce lawyer. They can find several at eLaw alliance, located conveniently in Edmonton.