Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Crucial Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Crucial Child Support Details

Many mistakes are often made as it pertains to child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Sometimes these mistakes are made on purpose, out of malice. And sometimes they are made by accident.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

When parents are divorcing, or simply separating. There are some things that they should understand. About child support, so that they do not make mistakes. Or act in a way where they will end up.

Going to court, in trouble because they are not acting. In accordance with the law. Whether parents are divorcing or separating, the laws regarding child support are the same. And can be reviewed in either.

The divorce act of Alberta or the family Law act of Alberta. Located for free, online. So that people can read up about these laws any time they want. However, it may be difficult to understand the legal language used.

Which is why it is beneficial for parents. To simply hire an expert divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as the ones at the Law alliance to help them. Navigate the difficult. And often confusing legal system in this province.

When they are separating or divorcing, the first decision. That parents need to make. Is where the children will be living with. Does not need to be a permanent decision. And is likely going to change, several times over the years.

But is going to be something that is required. When they file for divorce or separation. In order to appropriately calculate. Child support payments within the court. Usually, the parent that has access lasts.

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Will be the parent that pays child support. However, it is increasingly common that parents share access. And many people believe. That when access is equal. Child support is no longer required to be paid.

This is in fact untrue. Child support still must be paid. But it is now called set off child support. And the calculation of a percentage of the income. Is on the difference between income between two parents.

With the higher income earner paying child support. To the parent who earns less money. And while it might seem like a large hassle for not a lot of pay off. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the reason why child support must always be paid.

Is because it is the legal mechanism used by the court system. To help ensure both parents. Are actually contributing to the necessities of life for the children that they brought into the world. It is a right of the child.

To have both parents positively contribute to their life. Therefore, it is never appropriate. For parent to simply not pay child support. By adhering to this system. Parents will be able to ensure.

That they are doing right for their child, and avoid getting into legal trouble. The next thing that parents need to do when they are getting a divorce or they are separating. Is disclose their finances says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

This is so that the court system can figure out the child support payments. And if a parent fails to disclose. The judge will be able to assess child support payments. At whatever they think is appropriate.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Crucial Child Support Details

Child support is extremely important to understand completely says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Simply because if parents make mistakes. They can end up with their passport or their license confiscated.

Whether parents do this by accident. Or they are withholding child support on purpose. They need to understand. That it is not the rights of the other parent that they are interfering with. But the rights of their child.

Therefore, it is extremely important that both parents understand. How important it is that they continue paying child support. And that access, and child support are actually considered. To mutually exclusive things.

Child support is the way that they can ensure that they are contributing. To the life of their child. And even if a parent does not want access to their child. Or if access is being withheld for some reason.

That does not negate their legal responsibility to the child. To continue to contribute. To the necessities of life for them. And if a parent does not pay child support. It triggers the maintenance enforcement program.

Which is an agency within the province of Alberta. Whose sole purpose is enforcing child support orders. This includes being able to suspend a person’s drivers license. Confiscate their passports.

Garnish their wages, sees their assets and more. The most important thing that parents need to understand. Is if they stop child support payments. Without the approval of the court. It will trigger this program.

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It is not necessary, and can be avoided says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If both parents simply agree and communicates. With each other, as well as the court system. Because child support is not considered punitive in nature.

The court is more than amicable to reduce child support payments. If a parent is going to financial hardship. Or they will be more than willing to waive child support for a few months. To help a parent get caught back up.

As long as they agree to pay the child support they should have paid. In the past, when they had a break. By keeping the court in the loop. With the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton can ensure. That even if a parent.

Is unable to pay child support for short while. That they will not trigger the maintenance enforcement program. The maintenance enforcement program is the last-ditch effort. To encourage parents to pay.

And if some parents avoid child support payments. By leaving Canada, divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will end up. Finding out that Canada is a reciprocating jurisdiction.

Which is a program that Canada has with several other countries. That upholds legal agreements like child support. Flea Canada in order to avoid child support? Then you will be in trouble.

With the country that you have just landed in. If parents would like the help of a great lawyer. The experts at the law alliance, located in Edmonton. Are waiting for your phone call for a consultation to get started today.