Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Critical Child Welfare Laws


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Critical Child Welfare Laws

There are many ways that a child can be in danger according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. As described in the child youth family and enhancement act, which is available to read for free online.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are very broad descriptions of a child who needs help. As well as very specific ways. That a child is either in danger, or needs what the act calls and intervention. Ultimately, it means the child needs help getting out of the situation they are in.

Essentially, child is in need of intervention, if there are reasonable, or probable grounds to believe. That the safety of the child, security or development of the child. Is endangered in any way, shape or form.

Specifically, some of the ways as outlined in the act that a child may need help. Or an intervention, is by have been abandoned, either long-term or short-term. Such as a parent who goes out for a weekend, leaving the child at home alone.

A child who is lost, such as getting on the wrong bus. And ending up in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. Or, the child has run away from home. Another way that child may be endangered, is if the parent or guardian has died.

Leaving them with no current parent or guardian left. Then, the law will need to get involved. And help find a new guardian for the child in the meantime. However, there are some very specific ways that a child can be endangered according to the law.

Including, but not limited to, physical abuse. Sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. And cruel and unusual punishment, all either delivered by the parent or guardian. Or that the parent or guardian does not prevent this abuse from happening.

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According to the law, any citizen. Who witnesses child. That they believe needs help. Are required by law says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To report that situation. Either to the RCMP, the police station.

Or, any of the many government agencies dealing with child welfare. That are collectively known as child and family services. They have broad powers to investigate any claim. And are in fact bound by law.

To investigate to their greatest capability, all complaints. And reports, divorce lawyer Edmonton says many of the courts. Turn up nothing, and that the child is fine. But they are required to follow up with everything.

Because so many of the reports do not go anywhere. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents should not panic. If they are the subject of child and family services investigation. Often, they will come to the home and search through it.

Speak to the parents and guardians, the child involved. And all important third-party witnesses, such as siblings, neighbours and teachers. And if their investigation turns up nothing, there is nothing for the parent to worry about.

However, parents who are concerned. They want to get the legal advice. From an expert, such as a lawyer. Who is extremely well versed in child welfare law. Such as the family Law act of Alberta, and the child youth family and enhancement act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Critical Child Welfare Laws To Know

It is unfortunate, that all too often says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents can be investigated by child and family services. If their child has been reported to be in danger.

However, there are great ways to handle the situation. That will ensure that the child is kept safe. And that the parents can correct the situation. All without risking losing custody of their children.

As well, a lawyer in Edmonton says many parents. Are being abused themselves. So once child and family services gets involved. All of the abuse can be brought to light. Saving the family from further problems.

However, if parents are concerned. They should turn to the experts, such as the divorce lawyer Edmonton at the law alliance, located in Edmonton. They can arrange a free one hour consultation. To discuss the specifics of their situation.

In most cases, if child and family services determines that child needs help. They can handle matters out-of-court, proposing written agreements. For the parents to correct problematic situations.

In a step-by-step manner. The three different types of agreements they can proposed parents. Our custody agreements, family enhancement agreements. And permanent Guardian agreements.

The family enhancement agreements, will allow the children to remain. In the parent or guardian’s custody, as they rectify the situation. They may be required to take parenting courses.

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Go to psychological counselling, family therapy. Get help with their addictions, get therapy regarding domestic violence. Or undergo various assessments. Like psychological, or neurological assessments.

The custody agreements typically offer the same. Except, they will take custody of the children. As the parents go through these motions. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says before parent signs anything.

They should get independent legal advice. So that not only do they understand the content of the agreement. But the long-term ramifications of said agreement if they sign.

The agreements are not required by law to be signed. However, child and family services may present them. Like they are mandatory, despite the law saying that they cannot be forced, coerced or bullied into signing them.

And finally, the last agreement is the permanent Guardian agreement. Which essentially, removes the parental rights. And remove the child from the parent or guardian custody.

Because these are so serious, and can have long-term ramifications. Parents should only sign them, once they have talked it over with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, most lawyers may recommend.

Refusing to sign them, which will trigger a trial. And then, while they wait for the trial date to come around. The parent can correct the situation. So that when the judge looks at everything. The situation will be fixed.

And child and family services can withdraw the case. If parents have any questions about this, or they would like to receive legal advice. They should contact the Law alliance, located in Edmonton.

And arrange a free, one hour consultation. To discuss in full what they have to do next, in these situations.