Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Do’s and Don’ts

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Do’s and Don’ts

There may be many reasons why someone ends up going to court, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Whether it is a criminal case. Or if people are showing up for a family law matter. There are important things that all people need to keep in mind. On proper court etiquette.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the first and most important things to remember. Is that all attendance need to get to the courtroom on time. Or early if possible. If it is a docket day, there may be several different matters scheduled for the same timeframe.

However, a person will never know exactly when the judge will call their matter up. Therefore, even if they have been to court before. And have ended up waiting many hours. Before they get their time in front of the judge. They need to ensure that they get to the courtroom before their scheduled time frame.

When people arrived to the courthouse, they need to ensure that they let Mme. clerk or any clerk at the front no that they have arrived. So that if people have to step out use the washroom while waiting for the judge to see them. Then the court will know people are there. And are waiting to be seen.

If it is not a docket date. But people are going to court for any substantial reason including a trial. That it is even more important that people arrive on time or early. One of the consequences that can happen if people end up arriving late. Is that the judge can rule in their absence. A judge can also throw out the case. And if it is a criminal matter, issue a warrant out for an arrest.

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This is why it is incredibly important for people to show up on time for all of their court date. But not all of the reasons that people should show up on time. Our to avoid getting into trouble. There are many benefits that they can obtain from arriving to the courtroom early.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the availability of a lawyer called duty counsel. Is one of the most important reasons why people should get to the courthouse early. What duty counsel is, is a lawyer who is there to help people in their legal matter.

While they can give advice, they also can help people speak in front of the judge for family cases. But the earlier people arrived to the courthouse. The greater chance they will have the ability to get help from the duty counsel there.

These lawyers are often situated outside family or criminal court rooms. And it is on a first-come first-served basis. This is why arriving early can be so beneficial. Particularly if a person is representing themselves in a legal matter. This counsel can make a significant difference to the outcome of their case according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.

This is why one of the most important courtroom etiquettes is going to be showing up on time. Not just so that they can avoid repercussions from the courts themselves. But also, so that they can take advantage of the help that is there. So that they can be more likely to get the ruling that they want.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most important things to keep in mind according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that court is a formal proceeding. And as such, important etiquette should be followed at all times. There are many things that people need to keep in mind to ensure that they do not and up being disrespectful in a courtroom.

One of the first things that should be noted is that outside food and drink will not be permitted inside the chambers. Water may be brought in. But even if someone has a coffee in the to go container. This is not going to be permitted. And should be left at home, or in a person’s car.

Because court is a formal matter, divorce lawyer Edmonton says should not be worn inside the courtroom either. The judge may request people remove any ball. Because this is seen as a sign of disrespect.

Other behaviour that could be seen as disrespectful is when people speak out of turn. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says people should be mindful at all times. That there is a formal process to how people speak within a courtroom. And speaking out of turn can get people into trouble. Especially from a judge. Be very respectful of the judge as well as the process.

It might also be very tempting for people to be on their cell phone. Especially if it is a docket day. And there may be dozens of people that are waiting to seen by the judge. And in that case, it might be very tempting for people to have their cell phones out. Either texting, being on the Internet. Or even talking to friends and family.

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However, this is seen as not only disrespectful. But interrupting the entire proceedings. Not only should people avoid being on their cell phone. But either have it turned to silent, or turned off completely says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

The consequences of not being respectful. Could be that the court or the judge themselves recognizes the people being disrespectful. And while a judge’s ruling should not reflect that disrespectful behaviour. That behaviour could get people removed from the courtroom by the sheriff. Which will result in them not getting their matter heard.

If a sheriff removes someone for repeated disrespectful behaviour. When they are not there when the judges ready to rule on their matter. Not only could they rule in a person’s absence. But they could also strike their matter from the docket, which would result in their matter not being heard.

Especially with how long it takes people to get a court date. Because of how few courtrooms there are. If people get their matter taken off a docket. It may be several more months before they can get their matter heard again. Which is why respectful behaviour needs to happen at all times in a courtroom.

By adhering to these important rules of etiquette. Can ensure that people get their matter heard by the judge. In a timely manner. So that they can get their day in court.