Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Conduct

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Conduct

Going to court can be a very nerve-racking situation according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Regardless of the reason why people are going. Whether it is for a criminal case, getting family law matter settled. Or if it is a civil case. People who have never been to court before can be very nervous.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

If they have retained legal counsel, their lawyer will have shared with them important rules of conduct that they need to follow. While there in the courtroom at all times. However, for those people who have not been able to afford a lawyer. And are representing themselves. May not be aware of certain rules of conduct they need to follow.

Therefore, they should familiarize themselves with what will be expected of them says divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they do not inadvertently be disrespectful to the court. Or cause disruption that might impede the flow of the day.

One of the most important things that people should know is how they should act while inside the courtroom. This means their cell phone use is going to be strictly prohibited. This does not mean simply talking on the cell phone will not be permitted.

But any use of a cell phone at all. Including texting, or using any of the apps that might be installed on a person’s phone. Divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests people simply turn the ringer to silent. Or turn it off entirely and leave it talked away for the entirety of the day.

People also need to know that because court is considered formal proceedings, appropriate attire is important. Which means wearing baseball hats is not allowed. If people are unaware of this, or if they forget. They might simply be asked to remove the hat from their head for the day.

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However, if people cannot stop putting it on their heads, they may have it confiscated by the sheriff. Or they might be asked to leave the courtroom entirely for their disrespectful behaviour.

People also should be aware that food and drink will not be allowed inside the courtroom. So they should plan to eat their breakfast or lunch ahead of time. And to finish their drinks or coffee before they get into the courtroom.

However, the court recognizes that people might be waiting for several hours. And so that they may ask the sheriff to bring them a glass or a model of water. So that they can quench their thirst while they are waiting. Therefore, outside drinks are not even necessary.

If people break any of these rules of conduct, the most significant thing that can happen is the judge will ask them to leave the courtroom. And while that does not seem terrible, this means that if they have not had their matter heard by the judge.

They will not get the opportunity that day. If they are out of the courtroom because they have been asked to leave, the judge can either dismiss the case. Or strike it from the schedule for that day.

If that happens, a person will have to arrange new court time. Which could take many months, impeding their ability to get the ruling on their matter.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Courtroom Conduct

There are many things that people can do to ensure that their day in court goes smoothly according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. By following the appropriate courtroom rules of conduct.

People can ensure that they are not acting disrespectfully, or disruptive. And that they will help ensure the day goes smoothly. One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests is for people to be prepared with all documents.

If people have retained a lawyer, the lawyer will be in charge of this. However, for those who are representing themselves. Even if it is the first docket date that they have. It is very important that they bring all of the necessary paperwork.

For example, any applications that they have filed, affidavits, and all of their evidence should be brought to their first and all future court dates especially if it is a docket date. The judge will actually have no information about the case in front of them. Even if a person has filed applications.

Which is why it is extremely important for people to bring all of their documentation that is pertinent to the case. If they do not bring anything, or do not bring important files. The judge will be lacking in what they need to know in order to make a ruling.

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What can happen then, is the judge may dismiss the case altogether on lack of information. Or require them to arrange another court date to come back at a future time. Because it is so difficult to arrange another court date. People are often waiting many months in order to get another chance.

People should also know that they should avoid being late to their specified court date according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Especially since courts often only sit for specified periods of time. So by showing up late, people risk entirely missing their court appearance.

If it is for a family law case, the judge may have granted some order in a person’s absence. Without their input, or without a chance to respond. This increases the chances of the ruling not being in a person’s favour. So punctuality is crucial.

For a civil matter, especially if it is a docket date. If a person does not show up when they are called to the front. Their case might be dismissed completely. Or, they may have their case stricken from the day’s schedule. Which will require a person arranging on their own.

Another court date. Which of course could take several months. If it is a criminal matter, it is very important for people to show up on time. Because whether it is a criminal docket date. Or something more serious such as entering a plea.

They will be going to trial. Failing to show up will result in a warrant being issued for their arrest. By showing up on time, people can ensure that the court proceedings can go smoothly. And that they will be more likely to have their matter addressed in due time.