Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Considerable Child Support Info

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Considerable Child Support Info

Child support does not need to be a contentious issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If both parents can learn what the function of child support is. And white must be paid, it can become less of a fight.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Many parents believe. That child support is paying one parent to take care of the child. This is not what it is at all. While the payment does go. To the other parent, it is simply a legal mechanism that is in place.

To prove to the court that both parents. Our providing for the life that they created together. Child support is calculated based on a percentage. Of the parents income, and who pays child support depends on a number of factors.

First of all, the courts will want to know. Where the child or the children are living. With what parent for what percentage of time. When a parent has the children for 60% of the time or more.

The other parent will be the one. Who is assessed to pay child support. They will pay a percentage per child. Based on their income, as outlined in line 150. Of their last notice of assessment. When they did their taxes.

Self-employed parents may need to consult their accountant. In order to figure out what they should disclose to the court. As income. Because they may not be getting a notice of assessment in the way that parents.

Who have T4 jobs well. However, more and more these days says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents are sharing access. Which means no parent will have the children for a majority of the time.

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This is extremely beneficial. The court considers. A child having as much access to both parents. To be in the child’s best interest. However, it means that child support must be calculated differently.

When both parents are sharing equal access to the children. They may assume, incorrectly. That nobody has to pay child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, this is incorrect says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

It is simply calculated differently. When they share access, the parents must disclose their income. And whoever earns more money. Will be the one that pays child support. The court will take a percentage of the difference in income.

Between the two parents, in order to calculate child support. However, child support also is going to be calculated. For any extracurricular activities. Or additional expenses like daycare.

Therefore, a parent should not assume. That they only have to pay once says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Especially if the child, or children. Are enrolled in many activities. Or if they have daycare expenses on top of additional activities.

However, divorce lawyers say if a parent cannot afford extracurricular activities. They do not have to pay. And if both parents together, cannot afford the cost. Then the child simply will not be enrolled in it.

There may be a wide variety of other questions. Which is why retaining a divorce lawyer Edmonton is a good idea. Parents can contact the Law alliance for free consultation today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Considerable Child Support Info For Parents

When parents are divorcing or separating, hiring a good divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the most positive experiences. Because while divorce and separation is hard. What is harder, is not knowing the law.

For example, many people misunderstand child support. Or think that it is tied to access. The two are mutually exclusive in the eyes of the law. And parents should get it out of their head. That if one parent decides to withhold access.

The other parent can withhold child support. And vice versa, with a parent who withholds child support. The other parent can withhold access. This is a way that parents often get nasty with each other.

Most divorce lawyers will say that can land both parents. Into legal trouble, and should be avoided. If a parent withholds access. Or if they withhold child support, the appropriate response.

Is to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And inform the courts, and petition to either get access. Or get child support reinstated.

If child support goes unpaid, it will trigger. What is called the maintenance enforcement program. This is an agency within the province of Alberta. Whose entire purpose is to enforce and collect child support orders.

Not only are they tasked with this single job. But they also have significant authority says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To enforce it, and able to confiscate drivers licenses. As well as seize assets, garnish wages.

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And even confiscate passports, just to name a few things. The reason why they would confiscate passports. Is to prevent someone from trying to flee the country. In order to get out of paying child support.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says if they do leave the country. Chances are very low. That they would get out of paying child support. Because Canada is what is called a reciprocating jurisdiction.

What a reciprocating jurisdiction is, is a country. That has agreements in place with other countries. To uphold legal agreements. If someone comes to Canada, Canada will ensure that they are upholding their legal agreements in their country of origin.

And if someone from Canada who has child support orders. Goes to another country that has a reciprocating jurisdiction. They will also be required to continue paying child support in their new country.

There are several countries throughout the world that have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada. Including the United States, the UK, Europe and South Africa just to name a few places.

If parents want to avoid getting in trouble with the law. Both in Canada, and abroad. They should avoid trying to leave the country. In order to get out of paying child support orders.

Parents may have a wide variety of other questions. That they should be asking their divorce lawyer they have retained. If they do not have one, they can contact eLaw alliance in Edmonton.

Not only do they arrange a free one hour consultation. To allow parents to ask would have questions they want. But retaining a lawyer from there, is very easy. And can help the divorce or separation go as smoothly as possible.