Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Common Questions About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Common Questions About Child Support

Child support can be complex, but does not have to be says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Ultimate,y as long as parents know. That it is an obligation they have. To provide for their children.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

As well as, it is the right of the child. To have as much access. To both parents. As much as possible. The first thing that parents should understand. Is essentially, what child support is.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is outlined. Both in the divorce act. And the family Law act of Alberta. Which outline, the legal proceedings. When a divorce is happening. Or common-law relationship is ending.

Child support, is legally considered. The right of the child. It says, that the child deserves. To have both parents pay for their basic necessities. Therefore, child support is away.

For parents who no longer live together. To provide those basic necessities. There are two different ways. That child support is calculated. No matter which of the two acts.

That parents read, it will be the same situation. First, if parents have access. That is not the same as each other. Such as the child. Living with one parent during the week. And the other parent, getting their child on the weekends.

The parent that has less access. Will be the one bearing less of a financial burden. Therefore, they are the ones. Who pays the child support. To offset the cost. Of providing the necessities of life for the child.

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This amount is calculated. By taking the total income. That the parent is earning. And applying a percentage do that. This is a predetermined amount. And people can find.

The Alberta child support calculator online. And figure out. Approximately how much child support. They will have to pay. If they separate, or divorce their spouse. However, in most situations these days.

It is becoming increasingly common. For both parents. To share access. Equally between the two. The courts look upon this favourably as well. Since it is also considered. A right of the child.

To have as much access to both parents. As often as possible. Therefore, when parents share access like this. Child support is still paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is calculated slightly differently.

Both parents must submit their income. And the courts, will apply a percentage to their total income. Then, the parent who earns more income. Have the percentage of the other parents income.

Subtracted from the percentage of their own income. And the remaining amount. Will be what the higher earning parent. Must pay, to the lower earning parent. While this is the most fair way to do things.

Both parents are actually. Obligated to share financial information. On a yearly basis. To ensure that it is a fair situation. If they have any other questions about child support. They can simply make an appointment.

For free, one hour consultation. With the lawyers at the law alliance. They will be more than happy to provide guidance. Or, be hired by parents who are looking for help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Common Concerns About Child Support

While parents who are separating or divorcing is a common scenario says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Not everyone knows their rights, or their obligations. In a situation like this. Especially if they have never experienced it before.

Therefore, they have many questions. That they want answers to. As they prepare separating. And moving on with their life. Some parents, ask divorce lawyer Edmonton.

What a notice to disclose means. They may have received this in the mail. Or, received a request for financial documents. They want to know what this is. As well as why they should do it.

But this is, is a requirement legally. To disclose their financial information. To their soon to be ex spouse. As well as the court system. This will be the way. For the courts to calculate. Their child support amounts.

As well as ensure. That on an ongoing basis. Parents are paying. The proper amount of child support. And that it is fair for all parties. In fact, both parents must disclose this financial information.

Every year, on an ongoing basis. The next question that parents often have. Is wondering if they can stop. Paying child support, as soon as their child. Reaches eighteen years of age.

While most of the time. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support. Ends, when the child reaches the age of majority. In Alberta, is eighteen years of age. There are some provisions, that have parents.

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Paying child support longer than this. For example, if the children are going. To post secondary education institutions. The parent might be expected to pay child support. Until they are twenty-four years of age.

In a situation, where the child is economically dependent. On one parent, for any number of reasons. Such as a developmental, or other disability. The parent may have to pay. For as long as the court requires.

Another question that parents often have. Is if they still have to pay child support. If the one parent that is receiving the payments. Is on social assistance. This can be a bit difficult for some parents to understand.

But even if there ex-spouse. Is receiving government money. That does not relieve them. From the obligation to pay child support. The only difference will be. Is that the parent will pay child support.

To the government, for the length of time. That the parent is on assistance. And when they are no longer requiring to be on social assistance. The parent can go back to receiving the money directly.

There are a variety of other questions. Such as how child support works. To help pay. For child’s extracurricular activities. As well as can a person decrease their child support payments.

Based on their high debt load. Can they dictate. How a parent spends their child support money? And what is retroactive child support? For answers to these questions, people can set up an appointment with divorce lawyer Edmonton. At their downtown office, at the law alliance.