Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Who Need Intervention

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Who Need Intervention

The reason why there are so many laws in Alberta that are designed to protect children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because children are so vulnerable. And are often powerless to protect themselves.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The statute or act that governs child welfare in the province of Alberta. Is called the child youth family and enhancement act. This entire act can be found in its entirety for free online.

While this is a very comprehensive act. It will lay out all of the rules related to the law, and how children in this province are protected.

The government workers who are called into action in order to uphold this act, and protect children are collectively referred to as child and family services.

If anyone witnesses a child who is in danger. They are legally obligated by the child youth family and enhancement act to report it to a government agency. When this happens, workers on behalf of child and family services are called in to investigate.

Once they are called in, the powers of these workers is very broad. Which will allow them to thoroughly investigate the complaint of child endangerment. They can come into the home, speak to the parents and guardians, as well as see the living conditions that the family and the child are living in.

They also will be able to talk to other witnesses. Such as neighbours, teachers, and extended family members. Such as grandparents, or aunts and uncles. As well as the siblings of the child in question.

Often, the child who is in need of intervention will have a very simple solution. Such as they are abandoned or lost. Or if the parents or guardian of the child has passed away.

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They will investigate, and figure out who gets custody of the child in this case. However, in other cases, these workers will see that the child is being physically, emotionally, or sexually abused by their parent or guardian.

Or that somebody else is abusing them says divorce lawyer Edmonton, and the parent or guardian is either unable or unwilling to protect that child.

In this case, they will outline what they believe should be parent or guardian’s next steps in a family enhancement agreement. That will specify what needs to happen in order to protect the child.

While this agreement is a voluntary agreement to sign. Once a parent assigns this, it becomes legally binding.

However, if a parent or guardian chooses not to sign this agreement. Then the child and family services worker will then take the matter to court.

Where they will present their evidence about how and why the child is in danger. And what they recommend happens next in order to protect the child.

Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents or guardians who are investigated by child and family services. May find some grave consequences if they find that their child is in need of intervention.

And if they are wondering what they can do next. They can review the child youth and enhancement act online. And take the necessary actions.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children That Need Intervention

The Alberta government takes child welfare extremely seriously says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And this is outlined in an act called the child youth family and enhancement act.

This act governs the laws that were created to protect children in this province. Because children are vulnerable members of society. Simply because they cannot protect themselves.

If a parent or guardian was investigated, and found to have put their children in danger. Child and family services can take the matter straight to court.

If they take the matter to court. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they must file one of three applications within the court. That will outline what they want the judge to do. If the judge finds the parents or guardians guilty of endangering their children.

The first application that the child and family services department can make. Is a supervision order. Which is in order that will last anywhere between two and six months.

That will allow the parent to continue to have custody of their child. While they complete some required steps.

These things can include going to parenting courses, going to psychological counselling, or getting assessments done on their abilities.

They will have a timeline in which parents or guardians can complete these actions. And once completed, can close the matter with the courts, and child and family services.

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If child and family services apply for a temporary guardianship order. This means that the child who is in danger will stay with other family members or foster care. While the parents or guardians undergo the required conditions of the order.

The most important thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to be aware of about these orders. His they must complete them in the time specified. Or they can trigger additional orders, that could increase the severity of the outcome.

Also, there is a maximum amount of days that children are allowed to be in the care of child and family services. And if these maximum days are exceeded. Child and family services is then obligated to pursue permanent guardianship of the children.

Therefore, parents who have been given a supervision or temporary guardianship order. Should take the time limits of the orders very seriously. And complete the conditions, in order to close the matter.

If however, child and family services applies for a permanent guardianship order. This order essentially will strip the parents or guardians of their parenting rights. And will terminate custody immediately.

If this is the order that child and family services have applied for. Parents need to understand that while they plead their case before a judge. If the judge rules in favour of Child and family services, the outcome will be to lose custody of their children permanently.

Because of the severity of the outcome of investigations by child and family services. Parents who are under investigation. Should contact independent legal representation.

Will be able to help them through the process. To allow them to keep their child as safe as possible. While ensuring they can continue to have custody of their child.