Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Needing Help

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Needing Help

Unfortunately, divorce lawyer Edmonton says every year. They have to deal with situations of children. Who are in need of what is called intervention. This is the legal terminology. Identifying those children.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Who are in need of help. Typically from their parents or guardians. And can cover a wide variety of scenarios. Some of the most innocuous situations include. A child who has been abandoned, run away from home or lost.

Or, scenarios in which the child’s parents. Or legal guardian have died. There needs to be a procedure in place. That will allow the governing bodies. Known collectively as child and family services.

Help figure out. But happens, to place that child. With other family members. Or guardians, when this unfortunate circumstance happens. However, in many other cases. The child is in need of intervention.

Because they are being harmed in some way. By a parent or guardian, or they are not being protected. By that parent or guardian from different abuse. The abuse can range from physical, emotional and mental.

To sexual abuse, and even what is considered. Cruel and unusual punishment. In fact, according to the laws in Alberta. That govern child welfare, also known as the child youth family and enhancement act.

Specify that it is every human’s responsibility. To alert the authorities if they find. Or witness a child that is in need of intervention. Therefore, it is every person’s duty. To know what that looks like.

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And who they must call upon. In order to help that child. And save them from the abuse that they are going through. When this happens, the governing body called child and family services gets involved.

They have broad powers. To investigate. As well as rectify the situation. In many cases, divorce lawyer Edmonton says all that is needed. Is for the child and family services workers.

To talk to the parents and guardians, the child. And to take a look through the home. More often than not, they make suggestions. On what can be changed. To remove the child from danger.

And they can propose these changes. In a written agreement. That parents can agree to. And sign voluntarily. However once they are signed. They become legally binding contracts. That ensure a parent or guardian.

Will live up to the changes. That they agreed to. Removing the danger from their child. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton does recommend. That because these agreements. Become legally binding.

That they speak to divorce lawyer Edmonton first. To ensure that the agreement is in fact. In the child’s, and parents best interest. And if not, they can recommend edits. To make it a document they are happy to sign.

However, if the parents do not agree. To sign this, child and family services does not simply go away. It triggers a court date. Where both sides will argue their point. And a judge will make the ultimate decision.

Again, while nobody wants to go to court. In order to argue if their child. Is taken care of or not. If this happens, having legal experts on their side. Is the best thing any parent can do for themselves, and their child.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Helping Children In Difficulty

Most parents never have to worry about their children’s welfare says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even in the nastiest divorce, most parents. Love and want to protect their children.

Unfortunately, in other circumstances. Some parents are unable. Also, or not properly equipped to keep their children safe. Which is why the child and family services branch of the government. Was formed, to help them.

While child and family services can investigate. And propose changes to the parents and guardians. In order to resolve the situation. Also, depending on the parents, the situation. And the written agreements they were provided.

Some parents feel, along with the advice. Of their divorce lawyer Edmonton to take the situation. To a court of law, where they will argue their side. And allow a judge to make the final decision.

However, if the situation. Goes to a court of law. Parents will need to understand. If the degree of seriousness. On what they are being accused of. Is significant enough, child family services.

Also, will actually apply to the courts. To have the child or children. Again, removed from the parent or guardians custody. Until the court date happens. For example, in situations of great physical or sexual abuse.

The child and family services department. Also, would like to have that child. Removed from their parents custody, at least temporarily. To allow the situation to go before a judge. It can take weeks.

Again, months, and even years to get a court date. Therefore, this is one way. That child and family services can protect. The children, while a ruling is being decided upon. Finally, the child a family services will make an application to the courts.

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And the parents will have an opportunity. To argue in front of a judge. Why the children should stay with them. It is also very important for people to note. That in the case of children who are indigenous.

Métis, or Inuit, the child and family services must adhere. To special cultural practices. There are special considerations outlined in the child youth and family enforcement act. That specifies how to handle.

Also, indigenous children, and special cultural considerations. That the government workers must take into account. When dealing with these children. If child and family services do not adhere.

Two these cultural policies in place, then it can often. B ruled in the parents favour. Even before it gets to a judge. Once the child welfare case. Is before a judge. The parents and guardians.

As well as the child and family services workers. Will plead their own case. As well as provide evidence. Many parents are encouraged. By their divorce lawyer Edmonton to have already made changes.

That the child and family services workers. Had asked them to make. Therefore, when they appear before a judge. They can argue that the changes have already been made. And now ruling needs to be made at this time.