Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Are Vulnerable


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children Are Vulnerable

Because children are vulnerable, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. There is an entire branch of government dedicated. To helping these children avoid dangerous and abusive situations.

Also, there are in fact, dozens or more. Small branches of provincial and municipal government. Whose entire objectives are helping. Children who are in need. For instance, there are too many children. Across the province to mention. But collectively are known.

As child and family services. They may operate in various cities and towns. Under a slightly different name, such as family counselling and support services or FCSS. But regardless of what name they go by.

Child and family services as they are collectively known. Above all have extremely broad, sweeping powers. That can help them. Remove children from unsafe situations. And help rectify the situation for them.

In fact, according to the laws in Alberta. Which are called the child youth family and enhancement act. It is a citizens obligation. To notify any authorities. If they witness a child. Or have reason to believe.

That a child is in danger. The danger can be from being abandoned, or if the child. Again, it runs away from home, or even becomes lost. If the child’s parent or guardian passes away.

But it actually cover more specific. And direct forms of danger, such as abuse. For example, a parent or guardian is abusing their child. Or failing to protect them from an abuser. They can be held responsible.

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This abuse can be in the form of emotional or mental abuse. Physical abuse, for example. Which includes cruel and unusual punishment. As well as sexual abuse, by the parents themselves. Or failing to protect their child from sexual abuse.

Any time child and family services here is. Of a claim of an unsafe child. They are legally obligated. To use all of the powers at their disposal. To do a thorough investigation.

However, this investigation can include, but is not limited to. Entering the family’s home and searching the premises. Talking directly to the child, and the child’s parents or guardians.

Again, talking to the siblings, and other family members. For example, like grandparents, aunts and uncles. And even their cousins. Who speak to neighbours, or other witnesses. Like the teacher of that child to gain an insight.

Once they have completed their investigation. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they have two routes. That they can proceed in, depending on the severity. Of the abuse that they did witness.

They can either propose a written agreement. These written agreements cannot be forced. Or coerced into signing. However once they are signed. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they become legally binding. These agreements have many different names.

Such as custody agreements, family enhancement agreements. And, more ominously, permanent guardian agreements. Any parent or guardian who has been given such an agreement to sign.

Should take that agreement directly to a lawyer. In order to get an independent opinion. Most lawyers across Alberta. Will give free legal advice. To parents who received this agreement.

And it is most important that parents have the lawyers look at the document. Also, before they end up signing it, as it becomes legally binding.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Helpless Children

Children are the most vulnerable part of our society says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is why there is an entire branch of government. Known as the child and family services in Alberta.

They devote themselves to helping. Also, and protecting this segment of society. Again, they have extremely broad powers. That they can use to investigate. As well as do whatever steps necessary. To help these young people.

From investigating. Again, and creating agreements that can help. A parent eliminate the danger. To removing the child. From thie custody temporarily. While they fix the problem. It may include something like.

Taking a parenting course. Or, getting medical help. Furthermore, for the addiction that they are battling. In most cases, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Parents are not actively trying to harm their children.

They may have an addition. Or otherwise lack the education. That they need to protect their child. And removing the child. From the situation until. Parents are able to provide the child what they need. To remove the danger from their home.

Also, will ensure that the parent can reunite. With their child once more. There are many different scenarios that can happen says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Once child and family services takes action.

Also, not all situations go to court. First, they often try getting. The parent or guardian to agree to make small changes. And what is a custody agreement, or a family enhancement agreement.

If the parent refuses to sign it. Or if the parent proposes changes. That child and family services do not agree to. Then, the situation will escalate to court. Where both sides will argue their case. And have a judge decide.

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However, in more serious cases. Child and family services will recommend. Immediately removing that child from there custody. Pending a court case. And in the most severe cases.

Child and family services can actually apply. For what is called a permanent guardianship order. Which will effectively strip parents. Of all of their parental rights. And they will not have access to their child at some time in the future.

Again, in most cases, the courts are designed. To do what is in the best interest. Of the child, and the courts consider. As much access. As is reasonable to the child’s parents or guardian.

Therefore, a permanent guardianship order. Is only considered. In the most extreme cases. Typically, where the parent is directly. And intentionally harming their child. As well, parents should keep in mind.

Also, that if they do agree to enter into an agreement. To rectify a dangerous situation. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says. There is a maximum number of days. Again, child can stay in child and family services custody.

Once those days have been maxed out. Additionally, child and family services must, legally. To apply for a permanent guardianship order. Which means parents who face a situation. Or additionally, an altercation from child and family services.

Need to not only be aware. Of how many days their children have been in custody. But to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. So that they can. Will reunite with their children once more.