Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Youth Family And Enhancement Act

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Youth Family And Enhancement Act

There are many laws relating to child welfare in Alberta according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. The act governing them is the child youth family and enhancement act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Anyone can view this extremely in-depth document for free. By finding this document online. Therefore, if anyone has any questions relating to anything about child welfare. They should be able to find the answers easily.

Even if they have to go to the library to use a computer. Ultimately, the government agencies that handle matters concerning child welfare. Can be collectively referred to as child and family services. Depending on where in the province people are located.

Or if they are in a urban or rural location. Different government agencies can act on behalf of child welfare. What the act says is that anyone witnessing a child in need of intervention.

They are obligated by law. To report the situation. To any government agency. Who will be able to alert the correct office to the situation.

However, many people may not be aware that not only is this their legal obligation. But they might not know what a child in need of intervention looks like.

Very simply put, if a person believes that there is reasonable or probable grounds to believe that the safety of the child, the security or development of that child is endangered. That child is in need of intervention.

Anyone can make a complaint. However, the people that are most likely to do so include teachers, other family members, or police officers who are responding to a specific call.

Once child and family services has been notified of the complaint. They will have many powers at their disposal. That will allow them to thoroughly investigate the complaint.

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This includes going into the home of the child and the guardians. This will also allow them to speak to anyone they deem necessary to the investigation.

Including the guardians or parents themselves, the child who is in need of intervention. The siblings, other family members and even third parties such as teachers, friends, and neighbours. Who may have information about the situation.

Once the child and family services have completed their investigation. There are many different ways that they can proceed.

Ultimately, they can decide to take the situation to court says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And ask a judge to make a decision on what is in the best interest of the child.

Or, they might believe that the parents will be able to rectify the situation by completing conditions. And in this case, a judge is not needed. And they might draft up something called a family enhancement agreement.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is that while these family enhancement agreements become legally binding the moment that they are signed.

Parents or guardians are also not legally obligated or required to sign them. The recommendation from divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is for parents or guardians who have received a family enhancement agreement from a child and family services worker. Should seek independent counsel.

In fact, there are many lawyers across the province who will be able to give free legal advice on the family enhancement agreements. That can help parents or guardians navigate this difficult issue in a way. That will allow them to do what is in what they believe to be the best interest of the child.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | What Is The Child Youth Family And Enhancement Act

While there are many different laws protecting children in Alberta says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There is one document that specifies all of the laws and issues pertaining to child welfare. In a document called the child youth family and enhancement act.

This document will outline all of the different rights and obligations. That citizens, parents and guardians. As well as government agencies have. To protect children in Alberta.

Ultimately, if there has been a complaint made that a child is in danger or is in need of intervention. There are many different government agencies that can be enacted to help protect the child.

The umbrella term for the wide variety of agencies that do this is referred to as child and family services. Not only is this the organization that will investigate the complaints about the endangerment of a child.

But also, this refers to the organization that will help rectify the situation. Either through a variety of agreements referred to as family enhancement agreements. That can help parents fix the problem by completing various conditions.

Or, it is the government agency that will represent the child in a court of law. While a judge listens to evidence. And then must make a decision on what will happen. That is in the best interest of that child.

While the less serious cases will have child and family services recommending what conditions they would like the parent or guardian to adhere to. To remove the child from danger.

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But in more serious cases, child and family services may simply apply for an apprehension order. What this is says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is an application that will allow child and family services to remove children from the home. Even without notifying the parents ahead of time.

This is in situations where they believe the child is an extreme danger. However, once they make this application. Child and family services must also make another application. On what they believe the next steps should be.

There are three different types of court orders they can apply for. The first one being a supervision order, the second is a temporary guardianship order. And finally, they can file a permanent guardianship order.

If the judge rules in favour of child and family services. These are the orders that are going to dictate what happens next.

These are very similar to the family enhancement agreements. That will specify what a parent or guardian needs to do. In order to remove the danger that is threatening the safety of their child.

Ultimately, this can be a very scary time, and any parent that is going to courts with child and family services. Can benefit from getting independent legal counsel says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

By getting independent legal counsel, can help parents understand their rights. As well as ultimately understand what their obligations are. So that they can ensure that their child is no longer in danger.