Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support True or False


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support True or False

There are many misconceptions surrounding child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And many people truly believe several incorrect things when it comes to child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

By learning what is true and what is not. People who are going through divorce. Or have gone through a divorce and are ordered to pay child support. Or are receiving child support. Can learn many things that can help make this transition a lot easier on everyone.

The most important thing to keep in mind. Is that child support is the right of the child. And since both parents helped create the child, this is something that they both need to keep in mind. One of the first misconceptions that many people have. Is that if they do not see their children ever.

Or if there ex-spouse will not let them see the children. They do not have to pay child support. Nothing could be further from the truth says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And whether a person has nothing to do with the children by choice. Or because there X will not let them see them.

They still must pay child support. Because they helped create the child. There are extremely few occasions where a parent would be exempt from paying child support. And if any parent who has been ordered to pay child support has any questions.

They can contact divorce lawyer Edmonton to discuss the specifics of their circumstances to get an answer. The next misconception that many parents have about child support. Is that there ask makes more money than they do. And has the kids more often.

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So they do not have to pay child support ever. This is absolutely untrue. And even if a person is not involved in the day today parenting of their children. And even if there ask makes more money than they do. They are still going to be required to pay child support.

Child support is calculated using the spouses income who is required to pay child support. And there are many child support calculators that are available online. That can give people an idea of approximately how much money they will have to pay and child support.

So that they can be prepared. Another misconception that many people commonly have when it comes to child support. Is that if they refuse to provide income information to their ex. They will have no way of figuring out how much child support must be paid.

This is also true. Because it is mandatory and mandated by a judge. That both parents exchange financial information with each other. So that proper child support calculations can be made. And if a person decides to avoid providing this information.

A judge can make an assumption about how much money they should pay. Based on the information given to them by their ex. In addition to that, a judge can also order costs against the parent that refuses to provide financial information. So it is important that both parents cooperate in this instance.

Parents who are trying to continue on with life. After they break up. And there are children involved. Have a lot of complex issues that they need to navigate. And by contacting a divorce lawyer. They can get the specific legal advice they need. To know what they should be doing moving forward.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support True or False To Know

Since the issue of child support is a very complex says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are many things that people believe that are not true. And it is very important that both parents get the correct information.

So that they can both ensure that they are doing the right things for the children they brought into the world. By understanding what is true. Can help ensure that they both and up acting responsibly for their children.

One statement that a parent may make that some people think is false. Is even if their child is over eighteen, they are expected to pay child support. While some people do not agree that this is a true statement. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the Alberta family act as well as the divorce act.

Both specifies when child support needs to be paid. To children who are over the age of eighteen. If a child attends post secondary educational institutions. Or if they are still reliant on a parent. Child support may be required to be paid even though the child is over the age of eighteen.

And in some cases, until the child is twenty-three years of age. Again, because child support is such a complex issue. If people want to know the specifics regarding their circumstances. They can contact a divorce lawyer for specific legal advice.

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Something else that people may think is false. Is that they have to pay their ex child support. Even if there ask is getting social assistance, or welfare. Even though some people believe that this is not true. Child support still must be paid. However, the child support must be paid.

To the government instead of directly to the other parent in this instance. Another statement that many people think is not true when it comes to child support. Is if a parent can afforded, they must help there ex pay for extracurricular activities. Such as swimming and hockey or art classes for example.

And while many people think that whatever extracurricular activities their ex is putting their child into. Is their own responsibility. This is not true. Both parents must pay for the extracurricular activities of the children.

And the amount of money that each parent will pay. Will be based proportionally on each parents income. But must be shared by both parents as well. There are many different things that parents may not know about. When it comes to child support. Which is why anyone who has any questions.

Should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton directly. In order to find out specifics relating to their circumstances. Failure to do the right thing, can end up with having to pay retroactive child support, pay associated costs.

Or even losing their drivers license, passport and having their wages cut by the government. Therefore, it is very important that both parents get the truth regarding child support. So that they can both support their children.