Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Rules

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Rules

The laws regarding child support are very clear says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, parents need to be very communicative. Both with each other, and the court system.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The first thing that parents should keep in mind. Is that the laws are the same. Whether they are legally married with children. Or they are common-law with children and are simply splitting up.

The law does not differentiate between the two. And the laws exist. Primarily to protect the interests, and the rights of the children. This is in fact, the entire function of child support.

To ensure that both parents are contributing to. The upbringing, and well-being of the life they created together. Keeping this in mind, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that is the entire reason.

Why parents cannot walk away from their child support obligations. Or negotiate them away with each other. For example, say that they have such a good relationship. Even though they are separating.

That they are fine if the other one does not pay child support. This is not something that a parent can decide upon. Because it is the right of the child. To have both parents contribute to their upbringing.

Even if a parent decides to walk away. From their parental rights says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They will not be able to walk away. From there obligation to pay child support.

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This is also why. If a parent denies access to the child. The other parent cannot make the decision. To simply stop paying child support in retaliation. If they are denied access, the best thing to do.

Is to get help from a divorce lawyer Edmonton who will make an application. Within the court system to inform them that access has been denied. And to set the legal balls and motion. To getting access back.

As well, people need to keep in mind. That if the other parent stops paying child support. It does not give them the right to deny them access either. These are both to completely separate legal issues.

And when one parent does not uphold. What they are told they must do. The appropriate response is to inform the court. So that the appropriate and legal action. Can be taken in a timely manner.

As well, child support at its most basic level. Is to help the parent offset the cost. Of the necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter. However there is also another type of child support.

That is used to cover the expense. Of daycare and extracurricular activities. Parents can apply for extracurricular activity child support. With the help of their lawyer. With the court system.

Who will look at both parents income, financial burdens. And how much the extra expenses are. In order to come up with a total amount. Of the extracurricular child support that both parents must contribute for their children.

For more questions about child support. Parents can talk to eLaw Alliance. For a free one hour consultation. And then decide to retain that lawyer, to help them. Navigate this legal system.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Rules To Be Aware Of

Child support does not need to be complex issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The only thing that makes it hard to understand. Is the vast amount of miss information out that exists in the world.

Often, people here what is being said on television. As well as in the movies, and think those rules. Apply to their own situation. Or they hear gossip from other people. And do not fully understand the situation.

A common misconception about child support. Is that if a parent stops allowing access to the child. The appropriate retaliation. Is to stop paying child support. The laws in Alberta consider these two separate topics.

Which means if a parent denies access. The other parent cannot stop paying child support. And if one parent stops paying child support. The other parent cannot deny access. No matter what they think.

Another misconception when it comes to child support. Is that parents can negotiate with each other. To not pay this important amount. They may say that they agree with each other. Or they are on amicable grounds.

Or one parent may recognize. That the parent who would have to pay child support. Is going through financial difficulties. But this is not the right of the parent. To be able to negotiate or talk away.

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Child support is actually considered. To be a right of the child, which the laws are designed to protect by all means. However, the law is not meant to be punitive to the parents either. Child support is not a punishment.

Which means if one parent is experiencing financial distress. The courts will take that into account. When they figure out how much child support must be paid. Therefore, even the most amicable divorces.

Will result in a child support payment that needs to be made. Many people also have a misconception. That if they have equal access. Then child support also does not need to be paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Even if parents share access. What is called set off child support. Is going to need to be paid. Since parents are sharing access. The court will look at the difference between income between the two parents.

And parent that makes more money. Will pay a percentage of the difference in child support. This way, both parents can be seen. As contributing fairly to the upbringing of the child. If people have any more questions.

About divorce, separation and child support. They can always contact the knowledgeable experts at eLaw Alliance. Not only can they get a free one hour consultation.

But when they retain these experts as their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. The lawyers will go to court on their behalf. And help parents understand their rights, and obligations.

So that they can act in accordance with the law. And always be doing the right thing. Especially when it comes to caring for the life that they created with their significant other.