Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments

When there is marital breakdown says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And children are involved, both parents should understand clearly. Both their rights as a parent. As well as their legal obligations.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The reason why, is because there is a lot of confusion. About child support. And why it is paid. And when it is appropriate to stop paying this amount. The most important thing to keep in mind.

Is that child support payments. Are not considered a punishment for one parent. Nor are they considered a reward for another parent. It is simply the way for the court systems.

To ensure that both parents are contributing. To the life that they both had a hand in creating. And there is very little, that will convince a judge. That a parent should not be paying their child support.

Even if the parent, once nothing more to do with their child. That does not excuse them from paying child support to the other parent. Often, parents meet with divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Wondering why they have to pay child support. When the parent that the children live with most of the time. Makes considerably more money than they do. And the reason, is not because the other spouse needs the money.

But because the parent that does not have the children most often. Still is obligated. To pay for the life of that child. Another question that divorce lawyer Edmonton gets. Is from parents wondering.

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If they can stop paying child support. Because the other parent, is spending it. In ways that they do not agree with. This is also not something that they can decide. Because it is up to one parent.

Who is receiving the child support. To make the decisions on how it is spent. And as long as the children have their immediate needs taken care of. Such as enough food in their bellies. Clothing on their back.

As well as a roof over their head on a consistent basis. It is not up to the other parent. To dictate, what else they spend their money on. In fact, it has been successfully argued in court.

That because one spouse. And zip spending their own money to pay for those necessities of life. That they can splurge on themselves. When that child support payment comes in. Because they essentially.

Our using that money. In a roundabout way. To pay for the necessities of life. For the children from the relationship. While it can end up being complicated and messy. Maintenance enforcement, the branch of the government.

That is designed to enforce child support arrangements. Tries to make it very easy. People must pay their obligations. Or else, they will suffer the consequences. However, if parents cannot afford the payments.

It is a very easy process. To make an application through the courts. To have the amount reduced. Based on the financial information that they provide. While divorce can cause hard feelings.

Hopefully, both parents can keep in mind. That the lives of their children. Are truly what set steak. And by cooperating, can ensure. That their children have they need.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Who Child Support Payments

When parents and up divorcing, they have many obligations says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And while this is outlined a very clearly. And the divorce act online. It is often beneficial.

For both parents, to meet up independently. With their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. To find out there legal rights. As well as their legal obligations. Not just to each other. But to their children.

Ultimately, it is legally protected. That both parents must provide for the children. And if it is not through providing them. With the necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter.

Then, it is through financial means. Many parents end up thinking. That it is a punishment. For not being able to have their children most of the time. However, this is not the case at all.

Since parents, that end up. Splitting access. 50% of the time with the other parent. Will still have to end up paying child support. However, some parents may think that they are getting out of child support.

If they simply failed to disclose their income. When it is requested, by the courts. When they receive a notice to disclose. Or a request for financial documents. This is a legal requirement.

That both parents must legally disclose their financial information. To each other, either yearly, or semiannually. That way, the courts will be able. To calculate who should pay child support.

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And how much should be paid. Unfortunately, if one parent decides. To not provide financial information. They may think that they will not have to pay child support. However, what will happen instead.

Is a legal headache, that neither parent needs. And can end up, with more problems. For the parent that thought they could get out of paying. If they do not disclose their finances.

Both parents will be called before a judge. And the judge may use several different methods. For determining what they think is a fair child support payment. That the parent should be paying.

This can include the judge making their best guess. At what they think their income is. Based on their line of work. They can also ask the other parent. What their knowledge of their income is.

And then, go ahead and assess the parent. That fails to disclose their finances. Whatever amount they deem is appropriate. And usually says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The parent that fails to disclose.

Will typically end up paying more money. Then they would have had to in the first place. If they had disclosed their finances to begin with. It is a large headache. And a waste of the court’s time.

Parents also think. That they can stop paying child support. If the spouse that has the child more than 50% of the time. Is on financial assistance. This is also. And if parents have any questions.

On how to proceed, throughout different scenarios. They should simply hire divorce lawyer Edmonton. To help them navigate their obligations. When it comes to child support.