Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Necessary

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Necessary

When parents are divorcing or even separating and children are involved, divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to be aware of their rights. The reason why, is because the child involved will have specific legal rights.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

As outlined in the Alberta family Law act. And both parents must act accordingly. While this act as well as the divorce act can be found online for free. It may be more beneficial.

For parents who have questions about the law and as it relates to separation and their child. To ask a divorce lawyer Edmonton there questions directly.

The reason why, is because legal documents can be difficult for laypeople to read and understand. And also, because there is a lot of misinformation about child support.

For example, a common belief is that if a parent does not see their child. Whether it is by choice, or because a parent is keeping them from seeing their child.

That means that they are no longer legally obligated to continue making child support payments. But this is absolutely not true. Even if a parent has never seen their child because of their choice.

They are still legally obligated to provide the necessities of life to their child. Because that is the right of the child they brought into this world.

In fact, the law is written to say that both parents are legally and financially responsible. For ensuring this child has access to food, clothing and shelter.

Another misconception about child support. Is that when the custodial parent makes significantly more income. Then the noncustodial parent, then they do not have to pay child support.

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This is absolutely not true. Because child support payments have nothing to do with paying the other parent. And has everything to do with ensuring that they are financially responsible for the life that they created.

Even if the separating or divorcing parents are amicable. And are in agreement that they do not require child support payments between them. I law, this is not something that they are allowed to decide.

Therefore, anyone who is divorcing the separating. And there is a child involved, have to disclose their income information. And will be expected to make child support payments based on a percentage of their income.

For the most part, the courts will be very cooperative. To ensure that the parent can meet their financial obligations. But it is very important that the parents communicate with the court as well.

For example, if one parent has lost their job or is laid off. Or even if they got a new job where they were making less money. They can reduce the amount of child support they owe.

As long as they contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And apply properly through the courts to have their child support reduced.

There is no reason for a parent to stop making child support payments to the custodial parent. And if they are ever in a circumstance where they cannot.

They should contact the courts. So that they do not trigger being pursued by the maintenance enforcement program.

By knowing their rights, allows parents to act accordingly. To ensure that they are providing for the child that they both helped create.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Necessary In Alberta

When a relationship is ending, whether it is a divorce, separation or common law, parents should contact a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Whenever there are children involved. Because the rights of those children must also be taken into consideration.

Even when parents are no longer together. There legally obligated to provide the necessities of life for their child. And while one parent will be considered the custodial parent.

When they have the child for 60% of the time or more. The other parent will be considered noncustodial. And that is the parent that will pay child support.

This is because the custodial parent will typically pay for more expenses than the noncustodial parent. Although they are both equally required to provide the necessities of life.

And while there are a lot of parents paying child support in the province of Alberta. There are also a lot of misconceptions out there says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That can be very dangerous for parents to belief. And can end up with them in a lot of legal problems if they act on those misconceptions.

For example, one misconception. Is that child support payments automatically stop when the child reaches eighteen years of age. Which is the age of majority in Alberta.

However, this is not true. And according to the Alberta family Law act as well as the divorce act. Parents can read up about when child support does not stop at the age of eighteen.

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This can be if a child is attending postsecondary school such as college or university. Or even going to a trade school. They can still be eligible to receive child support for as long as they are attending school.

And if a child is still reliant or dependent on the custodial parent for a multitude of reasons. Support may be extended until they are twenty-three years of age.

Another misconception about child support. Is that the custodial parent is required to pay for all of the extracurricular activities of the child. And this is also not true.

The custodial parent can contact the court, and provide them with the costs associated with the extracurricular activities their child might be involved in.

From sports activities such as hockey, soccer or swimming. To artistic endeavors such as art or music. These are considered section 7 expenses. And as long as the fees are in the parents ability to pay.

The noncustodial parent may be required to share expenses proportionally. Based on their income, and their ability to pay.

That way, a child is not have to miss out on their additional activities. Because one parent cannot afford them on their own.

This is very important for parents to understand. And if either or both parents and up having any questions. They can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to get all of the answers they need.

The sooner parents can find out what their rights are as well as the rights of their child. The sooner they can both act accordingly, to provide the necessities of life or their child.