Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Mandatory

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Mandatory

Anytime parents are divorcing or even separating says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And there are children involved, they need to be aware of what to their obligations are according to the Alberta family Law act.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

This act specifies what support needs to be paid for children. And how to calculate the child support payments. And what will happen if child support is not paid.

There is a lot of misinformation about child support. That if parents believe the information that they hear. They could end up in a lot of trouble, legally.

The best thing is, for both parents to seek independent legal advice with divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they know what they are going to be required area so that they can avoid problems.

The first thing that people need to keep in mind about child support payments. Is that it is not a punishment, nor is it a payment to the other parent.

Child support is how both parents support the life that they created. And is legally considered the right of the child. This is why child support payments must be paid.

Regardless of any agreements the parents enter into. How child support payments are calculated. His first by understanding who is the custodial parent.

The custodial parent in Alberta is figured out by who has the child for 60% of the time or longer. And in cases where custody is shared equally.

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Divorce lawyer Edmonton says a decision needs to be made on who is going to be the custodial parent. Because the noncustodial parent is the one that makes child support payments.

The amount of child support payments that they must make. Will be based on a percentage of their income. And parents who want to find out approximately what that is going to be ahead of time.

Can go online, and find the Alberta child support calculator. And put in their income, to find out approximately how much they are going to be paying their ex-spouse.

Some parents believe that they are going to be paying child support until their child is eighteen years old. However, in some circumstances. Child support will extend past the legal age in Alberta.

For example, if the child is attending postsecondary institutions. Such as colleges or universities and even trade schools. They may be eligible to receive child support until they are twenty-three years of age.

In fact, if a child is dependent or reliant on the custodial parent for a variety of reasons. Support may also be extended past the age of eighteen, until they are twenty-three years of age.

Therefore, parents should not make the assumption that they can stop paying child support at the age of eighteen. And instead, reach out to their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

In order to find out exactly what they need to do. And when they can stop making child support payments legally.

By going through proper legal channels, parents can ensure that they are not going to get into trouble legally by making assumptions.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Payments Are Mandatory In Alberta

In order to find out the truth about child support payments, parents should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to find out not only their rights, but their obligations as well.

If parents stop making child support payments. Based on hearsay or misinformation that they have heard. They can end up in a lot of trouble legally.

One misconception that many parents make. Is if they do not see their child. Either through choice. Or because they are kept from seeing their children.

That allows them to withhold child support payments to the custodial parent. However this is not true. The reason why, is because child support is a right of the child.

And regardless of how often the noncustodial parent sees them, there still obligated to provide them with the basic necessities.

Many parents may do a wide variety of things. In order to avoid paying child support says divorce lower Edmonton. Including leaving the country in order to avoid paying what they owe.

However, people should be aware that Canada has reciprocating jurisdictions with many countries. Including the United States of America. Which means if a child support order is granted in Canada. It can and will be enforced in the United States.

There are a lot of reciprocating jurisdictions other than the United States. Which means if a parent leaves the country. They are not relieved from their obligation to pay child support.

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However, if a parent just stops paying child support without leaving the country. This will trigger the maintenance enforcement program.

Which is an authority in Alberta. That is charged with handling the enforcement of child support orders. It has the ability to suspend parents drivers licenses if they refuse to pay child support.

And in some cases, confiscate people’s passports. As well as garnish their wages until all of the child support that they owe, is paid up to date.

Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says if parents are unable to pay child support for any reason. Instead of simply stopping payments.

They should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And make an application in the court properly. This way, they can legally reduce their child support payments. Or put them on hold until their circumstances change.

So that they do not end up losing their license or worse because they are unable to pay child support. It is not considered a punishment, which is why the courts are more than willing to cooperate with parents who keep up communication.

As long as parents are willing to keep up communication. They will be able to minimize or pause child support payments as circumstances requires.

And ultimately, the goal is to ensure that both parents are meeting the obligations to provide for their child. And if parents have any questions about this process.

They can contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Will be more than happy to answer questions, and walk them through the process to ensure parents understand.