Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Facts You Need To Know

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Facts You Need To Know

Child support is mandatory says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, parents need to know the facts about it. And unlearn any misconceptions that they have. Or they have heard about this payment.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Many parents often assume. The child support is a payment. To the other parent to pay them. For raising the child. This is not what it is legally at all. It is simply away the courts can ensure.

Both parents are contributing. To the upbringing of the child. If a person has brought a child into the world. They are financially responsible for that life. And that is what child support is for.

This is why if a parent has decided. To walk away from the responsibility of raising a child. That does not get them off the hook. From paying child support for that life. Whether they see the child or not.

They will have to pay. So that they can contribute to that child’s financial well-being. This is why parents who are no longer involved. In the child’s life. Are still required to pay child support to the other parent.

And this is why parents should think twice. About walking away from their child. In order to stop making child support payments. This will not work, and the child is much better. To have both of their parents in their life.

Another misconception about child support. Is that if a parent. Withholds access to the other. They can stop making child support payments. This is because many people assume. Seeing the child causes them.

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To be financially responsible for that child. And this is not true at all. Whether they want to see the child or not. They must pay child support. Child support and access. Or actually considered mutually exclusive.

And divorce lawyer Edmonton says that if one parent. Withholds access to see the child. The other parent should not withhold child support. As they will then both be in trouble with the courts.

If someone either withholds access. Or withholds child support payments. The other parent should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton and go back to court. To inform them of what is going on.

Another misconception about child support. Is that if both parents. Have equal access to the child or children. Then nobody has to pay child support at all. This is also an untrue assumption to make.

The reason is because even if. Both parents share access. This does not cause. Child support to not be required. What happens in this case. Is according to section 9 of the family Law act in Alberta.

This is also called set off child support. And the difference in income. Between the parent that earns more money than the other. Will have a percentage of that difference. Required to be paid to the lower income earner.

This is done. So that both parents can be seen. As contributing equally to the child’s financial upbringing. For more information about child support and the Alberta family Law act. People can talk to eat Law alliance.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Facts Parents Need To Know

If parents are divorcing or separating, divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends. That they understand the laws surrounding child support. There are many misconceptions. And misunderstandings about this payment.

Firstly, an extremely common is conception. Is that child support only needs to be paid. Until the child or children. Our of legal age. In Alberta, legal age is considered eighteen years.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is not true. There are many circumstances in a child’s life. That therefore requires child support. To be paid for years after their eighteenth birthday.

For example, if the child is enrolled. In a postsecondary institution. Then they likely will still qualify. To have one parent pay child support. Until there postsecondary education is over.

As well if a child is dependent, financially. On one parent for a certain reason. Such as they have a physical or developmental disability. That requires them to be dependent on a parent.

They can continue to require the other parent. To pay child support, for a predetermined amount of time. That the court system will calculate. Secondly, another misconception about child support.

Is that if a parent is collecting social assistance. They no longer qualify for child support. This is again not true says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If one parent is on social assistance.

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That does not negate the other parent. From their legal obligation to their child. And they will continue to be required to pay child support. However, how they pay child support will change.

Instead of paying the parent directly. They must pay the government, while there ex-spouse. Is on social assistance. If parents make that assumption. They could stop paying child support. And then face legal ramifications.

Thirdly, another misconception. Is that child support should not be paid for extracurricular activities. In fact, there is a section in the Alberta family Law act. As well as the divorce act. Specifying child support for extra curricular activities.

This is called section 7 expenses. And both parents will be legally required. To pay a percentage of the extracurricular activities. As long as they can financially contribute without hardship.

Extracurricular activities can include things like sports teams. Hockey, soccer, football just to name a few. But also can include things like art lessons. Or music lessons, but even can be used for things like daycare.

However, there are still more misconceptions. About child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Many parents often assume. That the amount that they are required to pay. Cannot be adjusted in the future.

This is not true, and because child support. Is not considered a penalty. The courts are more than willing. To reduce the amount. If a person’s financial circumstances have changed. To find out more information on this.

Parents should therefore contact the experts. At the law alliance in Edmonton. In order to ultimately find out the facts. So that they can pay child support correctly. In conclusion, this helps them contribute. To the financial well-being of the life they created.