Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Details

While nobody has children or gets married to end up needing a divorce lawyer Edmonton. And often, when a couple gets to this point. Emotions and tempers are already flaring.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, how they proceed from this point on. Is going to be very important. And understanding the child support laws. Can make moving forward as painless as possible. And ensures that both parents.

Can provide for their child appropriately. And according to the letter of the law. The laws that deal with this specifically says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Our the divorce act of Alberta. And the family Law act of Alberta.

These acts are available to be read for free online. However, parents often have a difficult time. Understanding the legal language. And therefore, hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton can be incredibly beneficial.

They can understand exactly what they need to know about the situation. And avoid making mistakes. That can and them up in legal trouble. That can cause problems for many years to come.

One of the most common mistakes that parents make. Is thinking that they can negotiate. With each other, to lessen or stop paying. Child support payments, this is not accurate at all.

Child support is considered legally. To be the right of the child. A child that did not ask to be brought into this world. Have both of the parents that created them. Care for them until they no longer need that care.

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Therefore, parents can end up in trouble. If they withhold child support for any reason. Such as one parent is withholding access. Or one parent does not want to see their child anymore. And they think it means they can stop payments.

Even if a parent relinquishes their parental rights. They are still going to be held legally responsible. To care for the life that they did create. Therefore, by understanding this. Parents can do the right thing.

And continue making child support payments, regardless of the level of access they have. If the other parent is withholding access however. The courts need to know about this. People can utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton to represent them.

In court, and them know that they are being denied the access. And it will be rectified through the court system. In an appropriate manner. Child support is to offset the cost of the necessities of life.

The food, clothing and shelter that the court system. Assumes the child already has. Because the child already has these things. The parents that receives child support. Is under no obligation to spend that money on any particular thing.

Parents cannot dictate how the other parent spends it. However, if they do go to court. And ask for more money. Because the child support they receive is not enough. They will be asked to provide receipts.

Informing the court of how the money has been spent. And if it is not being spent on things for the child. The court is within its rights to deny the increased child support request.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support Details For All To Understand

Child support should not be hotly contested issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is literally the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are caring for their child. And in most circumstances, it is paid without problem.

However, it is very important that both parents fully understand. Child support and child support payments. So that they can pay it according to the law. There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

One of the most common misconceptions about child support payments. Is that if parents share equal access of their children. Child support does not need to be paid. This is not true at all.

And this is actually called set off child support. And the directions on how it should be paid. Is included in section 9. Of the divorce act of Alberta and the family Law act of Alberta.

This says that when parents share access of the children equally. The higher income earner will be the one paying child support. And the court will note the difference in the income, as taken from line 150.

Of each parents notice of assessment. On the last taxes that they filed. The difference between the two incomes. Will have the child support payment percentage applied to it. And that is how much child support that is going to be paid.

Another misconception about child support payments says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that they stop when the child is eighteen years of age. While that is often the case, it is not always the case.

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Child support can continue. Especially if the child is enrolled in a post secondary institution. Usually, they must be enrolled. Straight out of high school. And for the length of time that they are enrolled in the institution.

It can be a trade school, college or university. Which means if they are enrolled in the long program. They may be entitled to receive. Child support payments until they are twenty-five years of age.

As well, if a child is economically or otherwise dependent. On one parent for any reason. Such as a disability, either physical or otherwise. That can often require. Child support payments continue.

Until the court deems the payments no longer necessary. But often, it can continue. Well into the child’s adult life. By understanding this, both parents can avoid legal trouble. For stopping child support payments to quickly.

When parents are divorcing or separating. There divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will need to figure out. At least in the beginning where the child is going to live. As that will determine child support payments.

And both parents will need to disclose their finances. To the court, as well to each other. So that they can have child support payments calculated appropriately and quickly. If anything changes, either the living arrangements.

Or either parents income. They should utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton and inform the court. In order to have the adjustments made. As long as parents are communicative with the court and each other, child support arrangements can be altered at any time.