Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And You

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And You

Even though many parents wants to waive child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is not legally allowed. Because it is not a parents decision. Whether child support should be paid or not.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is actually considered. The legal right of the child. To have both of their parents. Contribute to their life. Financially, and otherwise. Therefore, this is why parents cannot waive child support.

For example, parents are both amicable. And they make similar amounts of money. Or they are both going to have equal access. To the children, therefore they think. That child support can be waived.

There are three different types of child support. Outlined in the family Law act of Alberta. Section 3 expenses. Our for necessities of life. Such as food, clothing and shelter.

This is used, when one parent. Has the children for more than 60% of the time. But there is also section 9 child support. Which helps the calculation. When both parents are sharing equal access of the children.

And then, there is section 7 expenses. These says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Our the expenses that children get calculated. When parents share equal access. But child support, still needs to be paid.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is not as much a concern. When the marital breakdown. Or the common-law a relationship with children. Is amicable, and both parents are willing to talk.

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And work things out. This is not always the case. Some spouses are quite a bit more upset. And are not always willing. To share access. And pay child support, even though it is the right of the child to get.

One of most common reasons. Why parents are unwilling to pay child support. Is quite simply, because they believe. Child support is a payment to their spouse. Or, in this case there ex spouse.

They do not want to give the payments. Because they are very angry. However, the courts do not look kindly upon this. And in almost no situations. While the court allow a parent. To not pay child support.

In fact, if a parent does not pay child support. There can be many serious ramifications. The most serious of this is called the maintenance enforcement program. Each is an agency in Alberta.

Whose sole purpose is helping enforce court ordered. Child support orders, they have significant authority. And can do things like suspend drivers licenses. They can also confiscate passports.

Garnish wages, as well as seizing appearance assets. The best thing for any parent to do. Is to pay the court ordered amount. And if that court ordered amount is beyond appearance means.

They should go to court, and legally reduce that amount. They can bring all of their bills and income statements. As well as supporting documents to prove. That the child support is not possible.

Since child support is not seen as a punishment. Parents should not hesitate. To go to court whenever something changes. So that they can always contribute to the life they created.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And You – What To Know

Child support is often a sticky issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. With many parents refusing to pay. Simply because they want to punish. The other parent, this is common. When the marital breakdown is not amicable.

However, parent. should keep in mind. That the law says that child support. Is actually a right of the child. And not payment to the other parent. There are many misconceptions in fact about child support.

A common one says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that child support ends. When the child is eighteen years of age. However, in both the divorce act. And the family Law act, which outline child support laws in Alberta.

Specify in several provisions. That child support can continue to be paid. To children who are over eighteen. For example, if they are enrolled in post secondary education. Or if they are economically dependent on one parent.

In many cases, especially when the parents. Our not amicable with each other, they may try. To make things difficult on each other. And in scenarios where there is a relationship breakdown. Where children are involved.

They will be required to disclose their financial information. In a court of law, when they are discussing. Child support issues, as well as visitation and access. Both parents are required to disclose this information.

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And if one parent thinks. That they will be able to avoid paying child support. If they simply fail to disclose their finances. They will realize, that it will usually end up. Being works for them in the long run.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says if they fail to disclose. By the court date, often the judge. Will have the authority. To have them pay any amount they deem reasonable. How the judge deems their income reasonable.

Can include taking an average amount. Of what someone in their industry makes. Or, they could ask the ex-spouse. How much money they are making. In most cases, the spouses will estimate high.

And the judge will typically award child support. In a larger amount than a parent would have had to pay. If they simply disclosed their finances properly. From the very beginning.

Another misconception about child support. Is that child support does not pay. For a child’s extracurricular activities. Such as if a parent puts them in a sport. Or an out of school class.

Section 7 child support payments. Will be calculated for things like extracurricular activities. As well as additional expenses such as daycare. Both parents must contribute to section 7 expenses.

Based on a percentage of their income. And whether they can financially afford it or not. By understanding the ins and outs of child support. Parents can ensure that they take care of the lives they created.

If parents have any further questions. They can contact the experts at the law alliance. Who will be happy to help them. Understand the laws. And how they can move forward in the future.