Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And The Law

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And The Law

Child support must be paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And there is a lot of misunderstanding, and misconceptions about this important legal function. One of the first things all parents should know.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Is that child support is required. As a right of the child. To have both parents contribute to their well-being. Who created them. This is why child support cannot be eliminated. Even if both parents agree.

In fact, even if one parent. Will walk away from their parental rights. It is extremely rare that they will also. Be able to walk away from their child support obligations. Therefore, parents need to understand.

The law is on the side of the child. To have them continue to pay child.support payments. The next thing that parents should understand. Is that regardless of if they are married. Or if they are common-law, the law will be the same.

Talking about misconceptions says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There is one myth that people should stop believing in. And that is as soon as the child is the age of majority. Which in Alberta, that age is eighteen.

They no longer require to pay child support. This is not true. And while many people are done paying child support. When their child reaches eighteen years of age. This is not a blanket statement that applies to everyone.

For example, if a child is going to post secondary. They may still be eligible. For the parent to pay child support. Up to and including their twenty fifth birthday. As well, if they are economically dependent on one parent.

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Due to an injury, illness or disability. That parent will still be eligible to receive child support. Indefinitely, therefore parents should find out. With the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

If they are required to pay child support. Instead of stopping their payments, and then getting into legal hot water for themselves. That can end up affecting the rest of their life, or at least several years.

Maintenance enforcement is the agency in Alberta. That is tasked with enforcing child support orders. Even missing one payment can trigger this agency. Who has the authority.

To enforce it through such means as suspending drivers licenses. As well as confiscating passports, seizing assets and even garnishing a person’s wage. It is very serious, and can dramatically impact a person’s life.

Something else that people should keep in mind. Is that if their financial circumstances change for any reason. Such as they get injured, use their job. Or get another job where they are making less money.

They can apply with the courts. To reduce their child support payments. Child support is not considered a penalty or punishment. Therefore, they are more than happy. To work with parents who communicate with them.

To reduce child support, if circumstances change. They also must continue to file their yearly financial income. With the court, so that child support can be adjusted as needed. If parents have any other questions, the experts at the law alliance will help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support The Law And You

Child support does not need to be a contentious issue emphasizes divorce lawyer Edmonton. However for many people it is. When their relationship ends. They are there he angry at the other person.

And often use child access as well as child support. In order to get back at their former partner. This is a very bad idea. Because they can end up in legal trouble. Because they are angry.

One of the first things that parents should understand. Is that child support must always be paid. And under no circumstances will they be able to get out of it, at least permanently.

If they communicate with the court. They can have payments reduced or delayed. Especially if they are experiencing financial difficulties. As well, parents will need to understand. That if they stop paying child support.

They will end up triggering things like maintenance enforcement program. The maintenance enforcement program is an organization. That has significant authority to encourage people.

To pay their child support that they owe. They can suspend drivers licenses and confiscate passports. As well as seize assets and garnish wages. Nobody should have to have maintenance enforcement come after them.

Especially because as long as they are communicating. With the courts, they can have child support reduced. If there financial circumstances change. Something else for parents to keep in mind about child support.

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Is that it is never able. To be completely waived. It is based on where the children are living. And the income of the parents. For example, if the parents share equal access of the children.

It will be considered a set off child support. Where the difference between the parents income. Is calculated, and then the parent that earns more money. Will pay a percentage of that difference in child support.

If income ever changes. The child support amounts will automatically change. Or people can use their divorce lawyer Edmonton to go to court. And inform them of the change.

Because child support is not considered punitive. The courts are more than happy to adjust the amount. And if parents have a job. That is very dependent on tips or commission.

They can enter into a different agreement. Where they report their income. On a monthly basis, so that they only ever paying the amount of child support. That they can reasonably afford at the time.

As long as parents communicate with each other. As well as the court system, they can ensure. That nobody’s paying more child support than they can afford. And ensure that they are caring for the life that they created.

If people would like to retain their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. The first place that they should call is eLaw Alliance, located in Edmonton. Not only is there first consultation free. But parents can find out exactly what they need to know. Their rights as well as obligations. So that they can navigate this unfortunate scenario. With as much respect as they can.