Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And Divorce

While nobody enters into a marriage, expecting to end says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And divorce is made considerably more difficult. And tricky, when children are involved.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There is an entire act. Devoted to what happens. If a couple decides to divorce. After being legally wed. This is an act, available online for free. And is called the divorce act.

However, the information contained within. May be difficult to understand. Which is why many people and up. Hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton, to help them understand. Their rights, as well as their obligations.

One of the first things that people should understand. Is that if they are divorcing. And children are involved. Both parents have a legal obligation. To the child that they both helped to create.

This obligation, is to provide for the child. Either through financial means. Or, through even them food, clothing and shelter. Which are considered the basic necessities for life.

In order to help figure out. Which parent will be financially obligated to the child. And which child will provide the necessities of life. The court, has a fairly easy way of figuring this out.

They will determine, which parent. Has the child, for more than 60% of the time. The parent that does not have the child. Will pay child support. While the parent that has the child more often.

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Will be responsible for providing these basic necessities. To figure out the child support amount. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is merely. A percentage, of the income. That the parent earns.

If they are self-employed. The court may have a slightly different way of figuring this out. However, it is not considered a punishment. Therefore, it is not designed. To be out of reach for any parents.

However, especially in today’s day and age. Many parents, are splitting access to the children. 50% of the time. A great example of this. Is one parent that gets the children on one week. And the other parent.

Gets the child other week. That way, both parents have the same amount of access to the children. And that is often considered. What is in the best interest, of the children from the relationship.

However, who pays child support in this scenario. Is a little bit different to figure out. The first thing that will happen, is that both parents. Will receive a notice to disclose. And they must provide financial documents.

To the court, in order to figure out. What income, each of the parents earns. They will then, apply a percentage. To the amount that both parents earn. And typically, there will be a difference.

With one parent earning more income than the other. The smaller amount will be subtracted. From the larger amount, and the difference. Must be paid, by the parent. For earns more money.

If any of what a parent earns changes. It is very easy to get their child support reassessed. They simply make an application through the court. Providing their financial documents of the change.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child Support And Divorce

When a relationship ends, and children are involved says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Both parents need to be fully aware. Of not only their rights in this circumstance. But also their legal obligations.

While there are many misconceptions about child support. As well as parental access. And many parents, on both ends of the equation. Evidently believe, that the two are related. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

However child support is in fact. Considered a right of the child. As well as a legal obligation. Of both parents. Parental access on the other hand. Is considered a different. And independent consideration of the child.

Access to both parents. Is also undoubtedly considered a right of the child. And failure to provide one. Does not negate the other according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. For example, if one parent.

Refuses access to the children in the relationship. The parent that is refused access. Cannot withhold that their child support. Because they do not have access to their child. By doing so, both parents.

Will end up in legal trouble. Instead, the responsible thing to do. Would be for the parent, who is getting denied access. Should contact a divorce lawyer. In order to make an application through the court.

To surely demand access. And unless the other parent. Can ultimately provide proof, as to why. That should not happen. The court will require. The other parent comply. So that the other parent can see their children.

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If one parent withholds child support. The other parent can make an application. Through the court system. To legally enforce child support payments. Which will happen through the help of the maintenance enforcement program.

The maintenance enforcement program, or MEP for short. Is a branch of the Alberta government. Whose sole purpose. Is enforcing court ordered child support. In order to accomplish this.

The government has afforded the maintenance enforcement program. Significant authority to enforce child support. Consequently allowing them to take drastic actions. For instance revoking drivers licenses.

Moreover confiscating passports, garnishing wages. Ultimately seizing assets, and even more. Indeed, the best thing for a parent to do. Would be simply pay the child support that they owe. Because there are very few instances.

Where a parent is let off their obligation. To their child, to pay child support. However, if the reason. Why the parent is not paying. The child support that they have been court ordered. Is because they cannot afford it.

Instead of simply stopping their payments. The responsible thing. Would be to take their financial information. And make an application through the courts, with the help of divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And ultimately have their child support payments reduced. Because again, child support is not seen as a punishment. But simply away. For both parents to pay for the life that they created.

However, if parents have any other questions. They can contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. For a free, one hour consultation. And consequently find out the facts. As well as their rights, and obligations.