Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Facts About Child Support


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Facts About Child Support

While child support must be paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are still a lot of people. Who have misconceptions, and misunderstandings. About what child support is. And why they must pay it.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Some people often think. That child support is a payment. To their ex significant other. In order to help offset the costs. Of raising the child. And while this is partially true. It is not necessarily considered a payment to the spouse.

But rather, a way for both parents. To financially support the child. As is a legal obligation. Whenever someone rings life into the world. Whether they see the child or not. Or if they do not want to see the child.

Does not negate parents duty. To pay child support. Knowing their rights, as well as obligations. Can help both parents understand. Why child support must be paid. And how to do so properly.

A common misconception between divorcing parents. Is that they can agree. To not pay child support. The reason why they cannot make this agreement. Is because it is a legal obligation to their child.

And not a voluntary obligation to each other. Therefore, couples cannot say. That they will not ask for child support. Because it is a legal requirement. To do so, to provide for that child.

Some people often think as well according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That if they both share access. The same amount of time roughly. Then neither party has to pay child support.

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Because they are both contributing equally. To the raising of the child. And this again is not true. The child support that is paid. In this circumstance, when parents have access to the child equally.

Is called section 9 child support expenses. This is also called set off child support. If parents are sharing access equally. Then the income of the parents. Will come into play to determine child support payments.

The courts will look at how much money. Each parent is making, according to line 150. On their income tax return. The difference between the higher amount and the lower amount. Is used to calculate child support payments.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says whoever makes more money. Will have the remaining amount. That is the difference between each person. And a percentage of that leftover amount. Is the child support that must be paid.

As well, child support can also be used. To pay extracurricular activities. Such as lessons, sports teams. Or things like daycare costs for example. This is considered section 7 expenses.

And it is not required. But if parents can afford this. Then the courts will calculate. A percentage for each parent. How much they can pay towards these extracurricular activities for the child.

If parents continue to have questions. About child support payments. The best thing that they can do is actually call the Law alliance. They can set up a free consultation for an hour. Where they can ask all of their questions.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Facts About Child Support To Be Aware Of

When couples are divorcing, divorce lawyer Edmonton says they need to be aware. That if there are children involved. Then they will have to deal with child support no matter what.

There is a lot of misinformation. As well as misconceptions about child support. And learning the truth, can help both parents. Make better, and more informed decisions. Regarding their children.

One of the most common questions that divorce lawyer Edmonton receives. Is from parents who say if they are denied access. By the other parent. Do they still have to pay child support?

While it is not allowed. That one parent can decide. To withhold access to the other parent. In some cases, parents can skirt the law. And withhold access of their child to the other parent.

This is wrong, and parents. Who are unable to see their child. Because the other parent denies access. Should be dealt with at the court level. A parent should reach out to their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And go to court in order to rectify the situation. Under no circumstances should a parent. Stop paying child support. Because they are no longer seeing the child. The reason why, is because to wrongs do not make a right.

Withholding the child access. Is wrong, and will have legal ramifications. But also, not paying child support. Is wrong, and will have its own legal ramifications. If one parent withholds access.

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And the other withholds child support. They are both in trouble, legally. Instead, if a parent withholds access. Or withholds child support. The proper thing to do would be to go to court.

In order to have the judge deal with the situation. That way, if one parent wants access. Or child support. They will not have done anything wrong in the meantime. And it will look a lot more favourable.

To the court, in order to get what they want. Another common misconception. Is that parents who do not wish to see their child anymore. Can get out of paying child support, since they will not see them.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support. And visitation or access as it is commonly referred to in the courts. Or to mutually exclusive situations. If people do not want to see their child. That does not get them out of paying child support.

Therefore, people should think very hard and long. About whether they want to stop seeing their child. Their child is going to be better off. With two parents in their life. Even if the parents are not seeing each other any longer.

Ultimately, there are 2 Different Acts in Alberta. Dealing with child support issues. One is the divorce act. And the other is the family Law act. If parents would like more information about the laws regarding child support.

All they have to do is reach out to the Law alliance. Located in Edmonton, and they will be able. To get all of the information they need. To make informed decisions regarding their child.