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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child And Family Services Agency

Because protecting children is so important says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are many different government agencies that deal with child welfare in the province of Alberta.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The specific government agency that is tasked with specific instances of child welfare. Will depend on the parts of the province where people live. Especially urban versus rural. However, collectively, all of the various government agencies.

That protect child welfare. Are referred to as child and family services. Because it is so important to protect society’s most vulnerable citizens. There is an extensive act that governs these laws in Alberta.

This act is called the child you family and enhancement act. And details all of the ways that society must protect its youngest members. Part of this act specifies that if anybody witnesses a child that is in danger.

Or for child is in need of intervention. Not only does it say that a person should come forward. But they are actually legally obligated to report the situation according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.

In fact, if they are discovered to have had information that could have protected the child. But said nothing, they could also be facing charges as well. Related to failing to protect a minor.

Therefore, if a person witnesses something. Whether that is a family member, a teacher, or even a neighbour. Once they report this to the government. It involves the child and family services.

Who then will thoroughly investigate the claim. Doing everything from looking around the home to see the living conditions. Speaking to the child’s and to the child’s guardians or parents.

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As well as speaking to all of the various witnesses that may no information. Such as teachers, neighbours, extended family like grandparents or siblings.

Once they complete their investigation, they will have a variety of ways that they can handle what happens next. They can either decide to settle this out-of-court, and create a family enhancement agreement.

Or, they can decide to handle the situation through court instead. Which will have the circumstance go to trial, and after both sides give their evidence. A judge will make the final decision. On what is in the child’s best interest.

Because of the legal implications a matter which way the child and family services decides to proceed. Any parent or guardian who knows that they are under investigation. Should contact a lawyer, in order to get independent legal advice.

However, for many families, hiring a lawyer is not something that they can afford. However, there are many different agencies across Alberta according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That can help them get free legal advice. So that they can have someone representing them and their best interests.

Ultimately, everyone should be working towards what is in the best interest of the child. So once there is no investigation. The recommendation is for the parents or guardians to be as cooperative as possible.

However, they should avoid signing anything. That will become legally binding. Until after they have had someone who is on their side review it first.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Child And Family Services Agency In Alberta

Despite the fact that there are many different government agencies that handle different aspects of child welfare in the province says divorce lawyer Edmonton. All of these government agencies can be referred to collectively as child and family services.

People representing child and family services have a lot of obligations when it comes to investigating claims of child endangerment. They have a lot of powers that will allow them to find out. As much information as they can.

About the situation that the child is in. Once they have concluded their investigation. They have one of two different ways that they can concluded their investigation. They can create a family enhancement agreement.

That comes a legally binding document once signed. That will specify what steps the parent or guardian needs to take. In order to remove the danger from their child’s life. However, they are not obligated to take this route.

And can simply go to court instead. In order to have a judge rule on what should happen next. While this is possible, divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will not tend to do this as a first resort. Often taking repeat offenders, or cases.

Where there is a serious danger to the child. However, before doing anything, if the child is indigenous, Métis or Inuit. The child and family services agency is mandated to take into consideration the child’s culture.

And the care that they may need if removed from their communities. If the child and family services fails to take this into consideration. It can be brought up in court as evidence. That they are not working in the child’s best interest.

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Also, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that once a child reaches the age of twelve. Their opinion about their care and situation starts to matter significantly in court.

And often, if child and family services gets involved with the case of a child that is over twelve years old. Not only will the parent or guardian be able to get independent legal representation.

The child themselves will be assigned their own lawyer. Who advocates on the half of the child themselves. And will also get their own notifications of applications as well.

Therefore, when parents are dealing with a situation that involves a child older than twelve. They should take that into consideration, that the courts will be weighing their opinion just as heavily as the opinion of the parents.

Ultimately, if the situation goes to trial. Divorce lawyer Edmonton recommends that parents and guardians cooperate as much as possible with child and family services.

If the judge rules in favour of the parent. The reason could be because of their ability to cooperate. With child and family services. And at the very least, cooperating with this government agency.

That is charged with protecting children. Is never going to be a bad idea. Ultimately, if parents can show the judge that they are working towards creating a safe environment for their children. This can be enough to win the case.

For the parents and complete all of the conditions. That are going to help make their home a safe place. For their children to be raised.