Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Caring For Children After Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Caring For Children After Divorce

While many people think only of themselves during the divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. If there are children coming from the relationship. There rights and needs are going to have to be considered as well.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

First and foremost, parents need to understand. That children have rights. And parents have obligations to those children. For example, when parents create life together. They are entering into a legal arrangement.

Where they agree to care for. That life until it is of legal age. Or until the child no longer needs support. This means that parents agree. To provide the necessities of life. Either through living with the child.

And paying for assessed cities. Such as food, clothing and shelter. Or if that simply means. Sending money. To the parent who is assuming responsibility. For giving that child the food, clothing and shelter.

When the parents live and stay together. They both contributing equally. Whether one parent pays the bills. And the other stays home with the children. But when the parents are divorced, or separates.

There needs to be a legal mechanism in place says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To ensure that both parents are contributing. And proof of that contribution can be shown in a court of law.

This is what child support is for. Either one parent bears the brunt of providing the food, clothing and shelter for the child. Which means the other parent must pay. However, it is even more commonplace nowadays.

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For parents to share equal access. This means that a parent will have the child. For one, two or more weeks at a time. And then at the end of that period. The child will go stay with the other parent for the same amount of time.

Some parents mistakenly believe. That if they share access, child support is not needed. However this is not the case says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Child support still must be paid.

However, the mechanism for doing so changes. Rather than the parent who has less access. Will pay child support. Based on a percentage of their income. As stated online one hundred and fifty of their notice of assessment.

But for parents who share access. The court will look at who makes more money. The income of the lower paid parent. Will be subtracted from the parent who makes more money. And child support will be calculated.

Based on a percentage of the remaining amount. Under no circumstances is it ever legally appropriate. For parents to agree not to pay. Or receive child support. Much in the same way that they cannot agree.

Two waive any other right of the child that they have. Ultimately, divorcing with children can be complex, and fraught with emotion. However hiring a divorce lawyer. Can help the entire situation go smoothly.

Parents who would like help navigating their divorce. Can contact the experts lawyers at elaw alliance in Edmonton. They can call for a free, one hour consultation. In order to find out how hiring a lawyer can help them.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Caring For Your Children After Your Divorce

Most people do not enter into marriage says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Hoping, or even thinking that they will get divorced. When they have children. They might have even more hopes. That they will separate.

However, whether or not couples have children. That does not impact the statistics. That almost half of all married couples in Alberta. Will eventually be divorcing each other. Divorce can be difficult.

Especially because by the time couples reach this decision. They have already tried very hard. To fix the relationship. They have often had many arguments. Gone to couples counselling. Seen individual therapists.

And have explored every option that they can think of. To keep the relationship together. They may have gone over and above. In order to stay together for the children. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says.

They should not try to stay together. For the sake of the children. Especially because if the relationship is not working. Children will be able to tell. As they will be living in an extremely emotional household.

Which is going to be more emotionally damaging. Then if parents simply divorced. And the child got to spend time. Living with each parent, who is considerably happier than they were. When they were together.

Regardless of whether parents are legally married. Or simply common-law. The laws dictating what happens with children in these situations. Are identical. Parents can look at these laws for themselves.

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By looking up divorce act of Alberta. For free online, this is pertaining specifically. To couples who entered into the legal arrangement of marriage. However, common-law couples can look at the Law act.

The family Law act of Alberta. In order to find out the legalities of. A legal separation for common-law couples. Regardless, what happens with the children is going to be identical in both acts.

And one of the most important things. That couples with children should keep in mind. Is that they have an obligation to the child. To care for them, and provide for their life. Even if they are no longer together.

This is why child support was created says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It is a legal mechanism. To ensure. As well as proof. That both parents are contributing to the life of their child. Under no circumstances can apparent waive this right.

Even if they legally renounce their claim to the child. They are still going to be required. To pay child support on an ongoing basis. Until the child is of legal age. Or they no longer need support.

Therefore, parents should get used to the fact. That if they have children. They will be responsible. In one form or another for a very long time. Even fleeing the country does not guarantee parents get out of this obligation.

While many parents do not divorce intending to get out of. There obligation to their children. It happens more often than people think. Often as a way of getting back at their ex spouse.

The hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents can avoid these petty and problematic issues. That could land them in legal hot water.