Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Big Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Big Child Support Details

When parents are navigating child support, hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the best investments that they make. Parents should not assume that they know the laws. Especially since what they have likely seen.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

In movies, and on television. Or heard from other people anecdotally. May not be an accurate reflection. Of how the laws act in Alberta currently. People can read all about the laws for free online.

By searching family Law act of Alberta. As well as the divorce Law act of Alberta. However, it may not be written in an easy to understand language. Using a lot of legal terminology.

Therefore, using a lawyer can be incredibly beneficial. One of the most they things that all parents should understand. Is paying child support is the right of the child. To have both parents contribute, financially to their upbringing.

This is why even if parents do not see their child. Whether it is their choice or not. And even if a parent decides. To relinquish their parental rights, they often will still be required. To pay child support.

In very few instances, will court allow a parent. To simply stop making child support payments and not start again. However, it is not considered a punishment either. And they want to work with all parents. To ensure that child support.

Can be paid, so that both parents can show. That they are taking responsibility. For the life that they created together. It is very important for parents to keep this line of communication open. With their divorce lawyer Edmonton, and the court.

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Because the court can trigger some legal action. If people are not paying child support. Without providing some reason to the court as to why. One of the most devastating things that can happen.

Is called the maintenance enforcement program. This is a provincial agency that has a sole purpose. Of enforcing child support orders. Through significant authority. They have the ability to suspend drivers licenses.

They can confiscate passports, garnishing wages. And even sees a person’s assets and more. If they are not paying child support properly. It can trigger this program at any time says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

They can withhold these things until a person starts paying child support again. Or until they have paid everything that they have owed. Dated back to when they stopped paying child support in the first place.

If a parent is unable to afford child support. Such as they have fallen under financial hardship. Such as being the sole caregiver. For a parent who is extremely ill.

Or if they lost their job. Or got a job, that is actually paying them less. Then when they had child support assessments. The court does not want to penalize anyone. Therefore if circumstances change. That is when they can talk to their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And go to court to inform the court of the changes. By keeping the lines of communication open. With their lawyer, the court. And most importantly the parent of their child. They can ensure a great relationship for everyone.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Big Child Support Details For All Parents To Know

Navigating child support laws can be challenging admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is why hiring an expert can be incredibly beneficial. To help parents govern themselves appropriately.

One of the most important things that they need to understand. Is that if they are divorcing or separating. And there are children from the union. They will have to pay child support.

In some shape or form. Because it is the right of the child. To have their parents contribute financially to their well-being. Or specifically, paying for their food, their clothes and their shelter.

It is also very important that parents decide. Very quickly where the children are going to be living. At least in the interim. This is going to influence child support payments.

As it is usually based off of. Who has access most. As who is going to end up paying child support. Therefore, by figuring this out. The courts can at least start calculating child support payments.

Parents understanding completely. That this arrangement can, and likely will. Change at any point. And all they have to do to amend their child support payments. Will be to go back to court their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And inform them of the change. The second thing that they must do. Is disclose their finances. Not just to the court, but with each other. This will be how the court calculates child support payments.

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However, if a parent fails to disclose their finances. Thinking that the court will be unable to calculate. The child support amount, they would be there he wrong.

The judge has the full authority. To assess a parent. At any amount of child support they think is appropriate. By any means that they have at their disposal. Such as asking the former spouse how much they think parent makes financially.

Or, by looking at the career that the parent has. And how much that career makes in the area. To assess how much they are likely making. Regardless, parents who fail to disclose their finances.

Will usually end up paying more in child support. By having it assessed higher. Then they would if they disclosed their finances from the beginning. As well, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that is dangerous.

Because if parents are sharing access equally. It is the higher income earner. That will pay child support. And if a parent fails to disclose. It will be assumed that they are the higher income earner.

And they might not be, so to avoid. Being assessed child support when they might not have to. Parents can simply do their legal duty. And disclose their finances.

If a parent is a business owner. Then it is not going to be their income as what is on line 150 of their notice of assessment. They can talk to their divorce lawyer Edmonton at eLaw Alliance. As well as their accountant to find out. What amounts they should claim on their financial disclosure.