Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Best Considerations With Child Welfare


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Best Considerations With Child Welfare

Often, parents will utilize the help of a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because one parent has brought in child welfare services. They may believe that their child. Is endangered in some way with the other parent.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

In this case, if anyone who believes that the safety, security or development of a child. Is in any way, shape or form endangered. They have an obligation to contact family child services, also known as CFS.

This organization has brought authority according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. To investigate these claims of a child in danger. They can investigate the home, talk to parents. As well as talk to the child, and anyone else who may have access to the child.

Including neighbours, relatives and teachers. They also can investigate the home, to see if the home. Is livable, or if any of the claims have any merit to them. If after the investigation, child and family services finds that the child is safe.

No further action it needs to be taken. However, if they do find that the child is endangered. There are several things that the child and family services Department can do. In order to rectify the situation.

One of the first things that many parents want to know from their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Our what are the specific ways that a child may be endangered. Or may be in need of intervention.

Just some examples include a child who has been abandoned or lost. A child whose parents, or guardians have deceased. And there is no other guardian in place. A child might be in danger if they are being neglected by a parent or guardian.

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Another way that a child could be considered in danger, is if the child is being physically abused by the parent or guardian. Or if the parent or guardian is unable, or unwilling to protect the child from physical abuse.

A third way that a child may be considered in danger. Is if the child is being emotionally injured by the parent or guardian. Or, the parent or guardian is unable or unwilling to protect the child from emotional abuse.

And finally, if the parent or guardian is sexually abusing the child. Or if they are unwilling or able to protect the child from sexual abuse. Another way that the child could be considered in danger is if they are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment.

Or, if the parent or guardian is unable or unwilling. To protect them from cruel and unusual punishment. There are many things that categories a child into needing help. And people should not stop to consider if they should avoid getting involved.

If this complaint comes from one of the parents of the child. When they are in the care of the other parent, they may need a divorce lawyer Edmonton. To help navigate the child welfare system.

If any parent has questions about these instances. Or if they would like a lawyer to help them. They can contact eLaw alliance for free one hour consultation today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Best Considerations For Child Safety

It is very serious business says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That children should be protected and well cared for at all times. However, if someone believes that a child is not being protected or well cared for.

That person is obligated by law to report the situation to the police, the RCMP. Or child and family services. Once child and family services receives complaints, they have broad authority to investigate.

They can interview any people they feel are important. Or pertinent to the investigation, such as parents and guardians. As well as the child themselves, siblings. And even third parties, such as neighbours, teachers or witnesses.

They can also come into the home to check on the child’s welfare. And if they discover that they believe the child is in danger. And needs intervention, they have many things at their disposal. To help that child.

They can first decide to handle matters in court. Or they can decide to handle matters outside of court. Child and family services will tend to want to handle matters out-of-court. Because it is faster to get a resolution.

Especially because the court system is very full, and they want to avoid. Adding to the number of cases that must be seen by a judge. In order to resolve things, and correct the situation for the child.

Most often, child and family services according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Will propose written agreements with the parents or guardians. That addresses the concerns that brought them to the parents in the first place.

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These written agreements are not mandatory to sign. However once they have been signed, become legally binding. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests that if any parent. Receives a written agreement from child and family services.

That they contact a lawyer in order to find out. Exactly what the agreement is saying. Because once it is signed, parents cannot alter the agreement. And must carry out everything that is in the agreement.

By getting a legal opinion, they will be able to figure out. The best way to respond to this letter. Which can include refusing to sign it altogether. Which will force the matter to go into the court of law, and have a judge decide on it.

Or, they can decide to sign the written agreement. After fully understanding, with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. On all of the conditions they must meet within the agreement.

Or, they can propose amendments to the agreement. And once those amendments have been made, they will sign it. And then, allow the agreement to be legally binding. There are three different agreements that child and family services can propose.

They are custody agreements, family enhancement agreements. And most serious of all, permanent Guardian agreements. If parents have a concern that their child is in need of intervention.

Or they have received one of these agreements after an investigation. The best thing to do would be to call eLaw alliance, located in Edmonton. For a free one hour consultation. The find out the next steps.