Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoiding Child Support Payments

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoiding Child Support Payments

No parent should avoid child support payment says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But many, do for various reasons. One thing that all parents should keep in mind. Is that child support is considered to be.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The right of the child. And therefore, is always legally required. However, because it is also not intended. To be punitive, or a punishment to the parent. Courts are always willing to work with parents.

As long as there is open, and honest communication. Child support will be calculated. Based on parents income. As well as who has more access. If there is equal access, there is another formula used.

But ultimately, parents need to understand. That they will always be required. To pay child support. There are extremely few circumstances. Where a person would be excused from this obligation.

Even parents, who may not want to see their child. Are still going to be legally obligated. To give them the basic necessities of life. Or at least pay for those necessities. Until that child is of legal age.

Some parents, think that they may be able to get out of. This legal obligation. And go to court. Only to find out, that they are still required to pay. One scenario, that parents often think.

Will allow them to be excused. From this obligation. Is when the parent, that they are supposed to pay child support to. Is currently collecting social assistance. There are many different forms of social assistance.

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Which is essentially, getting money. From the government, for a variety of reasons. And while this period does not negate, a person’s child support obligations. It does change how they pay it.

While most cases, allow parents. To pay child support directly. When a parent who is receiving child support. Is also receiving government money. In the form of social assistance.

The parent who pays child support. Will filter that money. Through the provincial government. Instead of paying the parent directly. That means, if the parent stops making child support payments.

The government will immediately know. Which will trigger several circumstances. Including a court date. As well as the maintenance enforcement program. Which can be extremely harsh.

Another scenario that many people assume. Will help them get out of paying child support payments. Is if they have too much debt. They often make an application. With their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

To the court system, to reduce. Their child support payments. Because they have too much debt. While there are some legitimate. Extenuating circumstances. Where a parent. Can minimize their payments.

Because they have too much debt. To be able to comfortably afford. Child support that they were required to pay. However, they also must provide proof. Of why they are unable to pay it. For example, if they have too much consumer debt.

Or, have an expensive vehicle. That is costing them. Much more of their budget. The judge, may not agree says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And certainly will continue to ensure. That each parent will end up. Paying the amount that they were required originally.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Stop Avoiding Child Support Payments

Most parents want to do its best for their child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which includes sharing access. And paying child support payments promptly. And while for some, this may be hard.

Especially if the relationship. Did not end amicably. And there are a lot of hard feelings. And parents feeling angry towards each other. However, that does not negate the need. To pay child support.

One of the most common scenarios. That divorce lawyer Edmonton encounters. Is that one parent does not like. How the other parent is spending child support money. However, they do not get a say.

In how that parent spends the money. Or, even on how they raise the child. When the child is at their home. Each parent gets to choose their own rules. Including clothing, homework, television rules.

But also, but they spend their money on. What food the child eats. And bedtime are all things that each parent gets to decide. The only time this is not true. Is if the parent suspects that the child.

Is not getting their basic necessities meant. Such as food, clothing and shelter. Then, the parent who is making those accusations. Must bring proof to the court system. And plead their case.

A judge, will remind parents. That even if one parent. Does not like. How the other parent is spending the child support money. The money is designed. To offset the expenses, that the parent pays.

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For the child’s food, clothing. As well as their shelter. Therefore, if the parent has already covered those expenses. They can spend the money. However they want. And the other parent cannot complain.

As well as dictate what. They should be spending the money on. Chances are, that they would not see eye to eye on this issue. Because they are separating, or divorcing. Which is why the relationship is ending.

Another scenario, that many parents ask divorce lawyer Edmonton about. Is how did they navigate. Who pays for extracurricular activities. In some situations, one parent on their own. Would not be able to afford.

Dance lessons, sports activities or music lessons. For their children, without help from their spouse. And that is why. Section 7 of the divorce act. As well as the family Law act in Alberta.

Specifies, that both parents contribute. Based on percentage of their income. And, what they can afford. If the entire cost. Cannot be covered by both parents. Then it simply, cannot be taken by the child. A parent does not even have to agree.

With the lessons, or activities. That they are paying for. Because that decision. Is up to the parent. Who has access most of the time. To decide for them. However, this situation. Also ensures. That one parent cannot and role.

Their child in an extremely expensive activity. And then expect. The other parent to foot the entire bill. When it comes to child support. There are many things to consider. And hiring experts, such as lawyers at the law alliance. Will help parents make the right decisions.