Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoid Being Late for Court

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoid Being Late for Court

It is extremely important that people understand what they need to know before coming to court says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Regardless of the reason why people are there, whether it is a civil matter, a criminal case. Or if people are showing up to get family law matter settled. It is extremely important that people arrive on time.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

For criminal cases, whether it is a first appearance, or a more substantial of court date such as going to trial or entering a plea. It is extremely important for people to show up on time. Primarily, because for a criminal case. If the defendant is late. The judge will issue a warrant out the person’s arrest.

And not only can that make their current case worse. They will also need to make future court appearances, for failing to show up for this one. People can make a bad situation much worse if they do not show up to the courthouse on time for criminal proceedings.

For other matters, being late can end up with the judge ruling on the matter in their absence. Which is often the case for family law matters. Especially if the other party is present. The judge will only have their input to make their decision.

If a person wants to ensure that they are going to be able to have their viewpoint listened to before the judge makes their final decision. They need to understand how important it is they arrive on time. So that they do not miss this opportunity says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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For civil cases, if a person does not arrive on time. They can entirely miss their court appearance. And if they are absent when the judge calls for their matter to be seen. They might strike the docket from the day. Which means even if people show up later, and court is still sitting. There matter will already be dismissed.

If that is the case, divorce lawyer Edmonton says people will have to try to book more court dates. Which not only is hard. But because there are so few court dates available. People could be waiting several months to get another date.

Or, if they are absent when the judge calls for them to appear. They could even dismiss the case entirely. Meaning if a person is hoping to pursue the matter further, they will have to start from the very beginning.

These are all extremely important reasons why people should always show up to the courthouse not just on time but even early. Many people think that it is okay to be late. Because their previous court experiences have been that they have waited several hours to be heard by a judge.

This is often the case for a docket date. And since the courts are not sure how long each case will take. A schedule several people within the same timeframe. This is why some people show up on time, and wait several hours. But if they are late, they could miss being called up. Because it is unknown what order they will be called in.

People should realize it is very important to show up on time. But if they do not to their court dates. They could have their matter ruled upon without their presence. Or have their matter dropped altogether.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Avoid Being Late for Court

It is very important that people do everything that they can to avoid being late for court says divorce lawyer Edmonton. It will ensure that they do not miss their court appearance entirely. Even if they end up having to wait several hours.

The first thing that people should do when they arrive at the courthouse is let any clerk in the front know that they have arrived. This way, even if they have stepped out for fresh air or go to the washroom. The court will know that they are there.

So that the matter will not get called up while they are unavailable. However, there are a lot of great reasons why people should show up on time or even early on their court date. There are a lot of different organizations that are going to be in the courthouse.

And they are available to help people. But a lot of these organizations are in a first-come first-served basis. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says outside of each courtroom will be duty counsel. And this refers to a lawyer who is there.

That is able to give legal advice for free. Since duty counsel is on a first-come first-served basis. People who show up early, will be able to put their name on the list. And have a greater chance of having access to this advice.

This is extremely beneficial for people who have not hired a lawyer to represent them. Because they can often get important piece of advice that can help articulate what they are looking for. And help them win the case.

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For a family law case, duty counsel might even speak to the judge on a person’s behalf. Which can help people who are dealing with the family law case, but were unable to hire a lawyer to help them out.

However, there are more helping agencies than just duty counsel. For example, divorce lawyer Edmonton says there is the Elizabeth Fry society. We will have people that can help with a wide variety of court matters.

Including helping people find their courtroom. They can help people find when their next court dates are. And who can help give legal advice, sit with people while in court, and help connect people to a wide variety of services that they might need.

By understanding that there will be a number of helping agencies to people who show up on time or early. Should inspire many people who are not already represented by a lawyer come to the courthouse on time. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says often, many cases are won.

Because people had the opportunity to speak to the appropriate agencies. Or have duty counsel help them. So people who are coming to court should understand that it is not just punitive reasons why they should avoid being late. But they can significantly help their chances by arriving early as well.