Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Important Child Support Facts

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Important Child Support Affects

Often, when parents are talking to their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And they have children involved in their relationship. They need to discuss child support. However, many parents are completely unaware of what it is.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They think it is a payment made. To the other spouse, to care for their child. However, according to the law of Alberta. Child support is actually a right of the child to receive. It is a way that the legal system can ensure.

Both parents who create life. Our financially responsible for that life for as long as possible. It is not something that parents can negotiate away. Even if they agree with each other says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That no child support needs to be made. They are unable to waive their child’s rights in that manner. Therefore, parents need to figure out where the children are living. At least initially when they separate.

So that child support can be calculated. If people think that they have to make a permanent decision. This is not the case says divorce lawyer at the ten. Because children simply can change where they are living.

And then the court to be informed of the change. In order to change.the child support payments as well. The reason why where the child is living needs to be decided. Is because it informs how much child support to be paid.

For example, when one parent has the child. For 60% of the time or more. Often in a case like this, one parent will have the child. During the week, and the other parent will have them on the weekend.

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In this case, the parent that has the child for less than 60% of the time. Will be the one that pays child support. The reason why they have to pay. Is because the parent that has access more time.

They are bearing a larger burden to pay for things like food, clothing and shelter. Therefore, the parent that bears the lesser financial burden. Will be the one that has to pay child support. The amount is determined by the court.

By taking the income as stated online one hundred and fifty. Of the parents notice of assessment on their last file taxes. Or, they can ask their accountant if they are self-employed. And then the court simply assesses.

A percentage of the total income as child support. It is very important says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents understand that child support is not punitive in nature. That means it is not considered a punishment.

And as such, parents can have their child support reassessed. If they are going through financial hardship. Or if they have a change in their financial circumstances.

Such as losing a job, or getting a different job that pays them a different amount. The most important thing to realize is that child support. Is a right of their child, and they should know completely what it is.

And why they are paying it, so that they do not make any missteps. Any questions can be directed to divorce lawyer Edmonton promptly.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 2 Important Facts To Know About Child Support

When parents are getting separated or divorced, a divorce lawyer Edmonton can help. Especially if there are children from the relationship. Whether they are legally married, or just common-law.

Child support is necessary, as outlined. In both legal acts of Alberta. Both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Will specify what must be done. In terms of child support, and child issues.

Regardless of which act they are following. The information about children and child support will be the same. While child support is calculated. By figuring out which parent has the child the majority of the time.

And then the other parent pays child support. It is increasingly common says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That children have equal access to both parents. Which, according to the court system. Is what is in the child’s best interest.

Some people are mistaken in believing. That since both parents are sharing access equally. That child support does not need to be paid. However, this is factually inaccurate.

If both parents have equal access to the child. Then the parent that earns more money. Will be the one that pays child support. And it is a percentage of the income over and above. What their other spouse was making.

Therefore, the divorce lawyer Edmonton will calculate. The difference in income between parents. And a percentage of that leftover amount. Is what child support will be taken a percentage from.

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And when people wonder why child support needs to be paid. It is quite simply the legal mechanism in place. To ensure that both parents are maintaining responsibility. For raising the life that they created together.

Some parents think that if they do not see their child. That they do not need to pay child support. However this is not true. In fact many custody battles start this way according to divorce lawyers.

Where one parent stops allowing the other parent. To have access to the child, so they stop paying child support. However this is a case of two wrongs definitely do not make a right.

If a parent does not allow access. They should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And follow petition within the courts. To regain access to their child. If they stop paying child support.

Then both parents will get into legal trouble it is far better to simply go through the court system. Matter how frustrating that might be. Or how one parent might want to punish the other. For disallowing access to their child.

And the reverse is also true. If a parent stops paying child support. That does not give the other parent the right. To withhold access to their child. If parents have any questions about child support.

The best thing to do would be to call divorce lawyer Edmonton in order for a free one hour consultation. To find out their rights as well as their obligations, especially to their child.